Your website is live and you’re eager to start booking clients, what’s next?

If you answered: navigating discovery call requests from new clients, wasting precious hours rewriting emails, and pulling your hair out creating professional-looking proposals…there’s another way.

You deserve a Dubsado system that actually works for your business.

Not one stitched together from freebies, Youtube tutorials, and ‘what if I try this?’ attempts. 

The truth is, you’d love to DIY your Dubsado…but you aren’t entirely sure what you’re supposed to be DIYing. Workflows? To-Dos? Schedulers? It’s enough to give anyone a migraine. 

What you do know is you want to:

  • Book more clients without wasting hours customizing proposals
  • Proudly share beautifully-branded forms, questionnaires, and proposals
  • Give your clients all the information they need to work with you
  • Stop writing and rewriting every single email you send out
  • Leave your phone in your hotel room and enjoy your family beach vacation

Most of all, you want your onboarding experience automated in one weekend (without the VIP setup price tag).



The Onboard Like A Pro
Dubsado Course

A self-paced Dubsado course teaching you how to set up and automate your entire onboarding experience in one weekend. 

From the first moment a client inquires about working with you to their project-specific proposal to scheduling your first kickoff call, it’s all right here for $447.

Onboard Like A Pro teaches you how to automate your:


Lead Capture and scheduling of a Discovery Call


Proposal, contract, and invoice to confirm the project


Scheduling a kickoff call and sending an intake questionnaire

Here’s what a professional Dubsado onboarding experience gives you:

Seamless Inquiries

With an automated onboarding process, your new inquiries are taken care of without you lifting a finger (or clicking a button).

Delighted Clients

Thanks to effortless, fluid, and clear communication, your clients feel supported the entire time they work with you.

Marketing Analytics

Tracking where your new clients come from and your most successful lead-generating initiatives is easy with Dubsado.


More Cash Flow

Enjoy more financial security by confidently raising your rates and booking more projects with your elevated client experience.

Time To Unwind

Book new clients and schedule Discovery Calls without being tied to your laptop with automated workflows.

Space To Focus

Stop wasting mental energy on administrative tasks and instead focus on your own creative work and business goals.

What you’ll learn inside the
Onboard Like A Pro Dubsado Course

You’ll also get access to these Dubsado forms, worksheets, and templates inside the course.

  • Dubsado Foundations Checklist
  • Pricing & Packaging Structure Worksheet
  • Branded Materials Checklist
  • Payment Plan & Reminder Worksheet
  • Scheduler Worksheet
  • Email Signature Template

Plus, all the plug-and-play canned emails you need! 

And I even teach you how to duplicate this process for all your services!

Don’t forget the actual Dubsado forms you’ll send your clients.

Adding beautifully-branded and mobile-optimized forms to your Dubsado is as
easy as clicking one, single button. 

Included in Onboard Like A Pro are the following professionally-designed, completely-customizable, one-click forms:

Dubsado form template

lead capture

Dubsado proposal template for sale from Streamlined by Martine


Dubsado Contract Template


Dubsado Onboarding Questionnaire


All this for one payment of $447!

Can I really automate my entire client onboarding experience in one weekend?

Yes! This course makes setting up your Dubsado simple and completely doable in one weekend with:

  • Easy-to-follow video tutorials
  • One-click inquiry forms, proposals, contracts, and questionnaires
  • Plug and play canned email templates
  • Step-by-step guides to creating your workflows

While creating your content and building your workflows may feel complicated or time-consuming, Onboard Like A Pro gives you easy-to-follow videos, step-by-step instructions, and customizable templates to save you time and energy! 

Meet Your Dubsado Course Guide, Martine

I’ve heard directly from small business owners that they want to automate, streamline, and elevate their client onboarding experience with Dubsado. Yet, they’re stuck piecing together workflows, canned emails, and to-do’s based on Youtube tutorials and downloadable freebies. 

After working with dozens of entrepreneurs across industries, I realized the onboarding process for most online service providers follows a similar pattern. 

  1. A new lead inquires on your website
  2. You book a Discovery Call with them
  3. You create and send a proposal, contract, and invoice
  4. You schedule your kickoff call!

I know any business owner can set up this onboarding experience for themselves as long as a Dubsado Specialist shows them how. 

Enter: Onboard Like A Pro

Onboard Like A Pro is for you if…

You’re an online service provider longing for a professional onboarding process. 

You’re not ready to invest in a done-for-you service, but you’re tired of wasting hours watching Youtube tutorials. 

You’re able to dedicate a weekend to diving into your onboarding process and setting up your Dubsado.

You need one central place to manage all your emails, calendar schedulers, invoices, and contracts.

You want to book more clients without working more hours.

Onboard Like A Pro isn’t for you if…

✓ You work in an industry that depends on precise date events (like weddings).

  You don’t have your services figured out just yet or aren’t sure how you want to communicate with leads. 

✓ You don’t want to spend time playing around in Dubsado, testing workflows, and pulling all the elements together. 

✓ You don’t want to take payments, send forms, or schedule meetings with Dubsado’s tools.

✓ You’re happy creating every form, contract, and email from scratch.

FAQs About The Dubsado Course: Onboard Like A Pro

Dubsado Specialist Martine CEO of Streamlined By Martine lifting a champagne glass to celebrate.

To complete all the steps, workflows, and schedulers Onboard Like A Pro teaches, you need a Premium Dubsado Plan (not a Starter). If you haven’t bought a Premium plan yet, use my affiliate code MARTINE30 to save 30%!

On top of your Dubsado plan, if your goal is to complete the course in one weekend, it’s best that you have branding materials (images, colors) and a solid idea about your service offerings before starting. 

No! While a website serves your business in so many ways, this course streamlines your inquiries and onboarding whether it’s through your website, social media DMs, or with a link in bio. 

It’s not enough to have professional forms, you want them to reflect your brand! Don’t worry. I’ll give you tips, tricks, and Canva templates to easily customize the Dubsado forms for your brand.

Since contracts should be custom to your business process, location, and service, I do not provide a contract.

If you do not have a contract, then take a look at The Legal Paige for contract templates specific to your creative industry!

This course is designed for online service providers working in creative industries like:

  • Copywriting
  • Website design
  • Virtual assistance
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Coaching

This course does not work for businesses that are event-specific like wedding photographers and event planners.

This course only covers the onboarding phase (inquiry, booking, and onboarding) of a project because the active project phases can be extremely individualized. 

If you would like me to set up your active or offboarding phases, please inquire about a VIP week. Special return client rates are available for course participants. 

Are you ready to automate your onboarding experience, gain back more free time, and finally (finally!) feel confident in your Dubsado setup?