How to save 10 hours A Week (or more!) by automating your coaching business with Dubsado!

Learn how to automate your coaching business using Dubsado…even if you’re new to automation or have never used a CRM before.

What's Inside This Masterclass:

Masterclass - Automate your coaching business using Dubsado
Dubsado Certified Specialist & Online course teacher

Meet your teacher.

Hey, I’m Martine, the founder of Streamlined by Martine. Also know as the first, last and only Dubsado Specialist you need.

I understand all the hard work and devotion it takes to build a business from the ground up. I’ve been in your shoes.

You can do a lot of things, BUT you don’t have to do everything.

That’s why I’m here as a Dubsado Specialist, to teach you how to take some of the dreadful and repetitive tasks work off your plate.

I know you’re looking for more than those generic YouTube video. You’re looking to learn how to automate your coaching business based on the way YOU run your business.

Want to automate your coaching business using Dubsado? Meet me inside this training and I’ll show you how.

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This training could change the way you run your business - in the best way.

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