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Meet the first, last and only Dubsado Specialist you need

I’m Martine, a system strategist and Certified Dubsado Specialist for designers, copywriters, and coaches.

My VIP Dubsado Experience will help you run a more profitable business and spend more time focusing on your creative work with your clients.

Let’s automate your processes so you can pursue your passion with more flexibility, free time, and profitability.

I know what it's like to be running after your time

When you created your business, you didn’t envision working around the clock, being totally overwhelmed with never ending to-do lists and feeling like you are constantly dropping the ball. 

You’re wearing so many hats – CEO, financial planner, marketing director, system administrator – you often get lost in the chaos.

I understand all the hard work and devotion it takes to build a business from the ground up. I have been in your shoes. You can do a lot of things, BUT you don’t have to do everything

That’s why I’m here as a Dubsado specialist, to take some of the dreadful and repetitive work off your plate in just ONE WEEK.

Dubsado system setup showcased on an iPad near a white vase created by a Certified Dubsado Specialist.

When you outsource to a pro, it feels like…

“I most appreciated how Martine balanced getting to know me, executing on what I wanted, and shaping my systems with her strategic recommendations.”


She is efficient and our meetings together covered a lot of information in relatively short amounts of time. She uses recordings to better inform you and for reference later which I found super helpful.

Patty Ripley

“She was SO knowledgeable on the ins and outs of Dubsado and took the time to educate me and provide excellent recommendations on how to use this system for my clients.” 

RichellE Jessey

I don’t just setup your Dubsado. I teach how to make any edits or updates as needed. You walk away with the confidence that you are capable of making any changes as your business continues to evolve.

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There are always ways to work smarter and more efficiently

After working in the corporate world for over 10 years, I started my own consulting business helping others integrate strategy & systems into their processes to generate more leads and increase their revenues.

When I discovered Dubsado, I knew this incredible platform offered so many opportunities for creative business owners to gain back more time in their busy calendars.

During the first few months of working as a certified Dubsado specialist, I followed the typical industry standard: multiple clients at a time with 4-6 week turnaround. Yet, while I was busy helping other businesses streamline their processes and gain more hours back in their day, I depleted my own free time and energy.

So I switched it up.

Now, my VIP Dubsado Experience means I work with only one client at a time (you!) and the process takes just one week to complete. That means you get my undivided attention and a Dubsado system made for you in less time than it takes your clients to provide feedback on your project.

A little bit about me


Things I love the Most

Other than my 3 kids and the hubby 😉 A fun girls night out or just relaxing by the pool while sipping a glass of bubbly.


Favorite Food

A wood-fired pizza with burrata cheese to top it off.


My Guilty Pleasure

Binge watching Netflix series with a bol of popcorn.


what I do for fun

Go to a new restaurant, take the kids to the movies or just relax at home.

Dubsado Specialist Martine with her family

Kind words

Feel like you *finally* found the right Dubsado specialist?

Let’s chat! It’s casual, it’s easy, and there are no strings attached. I’ll probably even have my hair tied-up in a bun and my favorite sweatshirt on. What are you waiting for?