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Why are you still wasting HOURS each week sending out the same emails and doing all your backend tasks manually?

when you could do all those things with the click of a few buttons


Create a seamless client experience so you can confidently raise your rates, avoid awkward invoice reminders, and enjoy a sustainable work-life balance.

You shouldn't have to wait months to be able to use Dubsado the way YOU need to.

You always thought you could just figure Dubsado out on your own, but you never expected it to take so much time. There are so many little details included in creating a premium client experience you haven’t even thought of.

Because you’re looking for more than template emails and cookie-cutter forms. You’re looking for an automated Dubsado account with workflows tailored to your business needs all while providing your clients with an experience they’ll come back for.

That’s exactly why I’m here.


Dubsado VIP services
Dubsado VIP services by Streamlined By Martine

By the time our work is done, you won't just have workflows. You'll have a whole new level of confidence in the client experience you deliver.

I'm here to help you create...

High-end client experience

We’ll nurture your clients from the moment they inquire to the raving reviews they provide.

Jaw-dropping designs

So you can showcase your amazing client projects through your branded forms.

a setup tailored to you

Because you need to know how to use it and how to make edits when ever necessary.

Ready to elevate your client experience?


Dubsado VIP setup

DFY Dubsado to get your whole business automateD

Dubsado VIP Week

You’re a few years into business. You’re busy, clients are rolling in and you’re booked out a few weeks/months in advance. But you’re still running most of your business manually. You know you can’t just throw automation into your processes and call it a day. Let’s get you setup so you can keep focusing on your zone of genius.

Timeline: 1 Week | Investment starts at: $3750 CAD (approx $3,000 USD)

DFY Dubsado for one specific area of your business

Dubsado VIP Days

You’re getting in the groove of things and you’re ready for Dubsado to help you do the heavy lifting, You’re not looking for the whole shebang. You need help with one specific area – automating your signature offer, streamlining your onboarding process or maybe getting rid of those cookie-cutter canva forms. It’s time to step up you game! Your business is unique and your Dubsado should be too.

Timeline: 1-2 Days | Investment starts at: $1,000 CAD (approx $800 USD)

Streamlined By Martine VIP Day
Dubsado VIP Day for copywriters, creatives, designers and more

DIY your Dubsado but with 1:1 access to a pro

Dubsado Course for Copywriters

You’re ready to tackle your Dubsado setup but you want to make sure you get it RIGHT the first time. Watching endless YouTube tutorials is just not your thing. You want 1:1 access to a Dubsado expert to help you design that seamless client experience, provide you with awesome templates to speed up the process, teach you the ins-and-outs of customizing workflows, and answer all those lingering questions as you set everything up. 

Timeline: 4 weeks 

Getting started with elevating your client experience

Client Experience Intensive​

You know streamlined processes and seamless client experience are THE KEY to running an efficient business. But every time you sit down to make edits, you just can’t seem to figure out where to make the changes, Put those post-it notes away! In just 90-minutes you’ll be looking at a complete map of your systems & client experience.

Timeline: 90-minutes + 10 days Voxer | Investment $495 CAD (approx. $400 USD)

Client experience strategy for copywriters and designers

A Dubsado VIP experience is for you when you're ready to:

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The Client Process

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