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Let's build your personalized Dubsado setup so you can run a more profitable creative business

automate your business in days, not months…


CREATE A SEAMLESS CLIENT EXPERIENCE SO YOU CAN CONFIDENTLY RAISE YOUR RATES, avoid awkward invoice reminders, and enjoy a sustainable work-life balance.

Let's be real - Running a design or copywriting studio is a juggling act.

In any given week, you spend your time and energy….

  • Marketing. Creating captions or blog posts, writing to your email list, and showing up on Instagram stories.
  • Visioning. Dreaming up new offers and strategizing ways to expand your creative business.
  • Administrating. Sending invoices, creating contracts, onboarding new clients, managing your calendar, responding to emails – the list goes on.
  • …Not to mention actually DOING the client work that pays your bills!

Balancing all of these important tasks is overwhelming (and incredibly time-consuming). 

Give a nod if any of this feels familiar to you:​


You find Dubsado’s Workflows confusing 

You’ve tried to set it up yourself by watching a few tutorials on YouTube, but they didn’t apply to your specific process. So, you gave up and have avoided workflows ever since.


Automating your process makes you nervous

You’re aware that your manual process is inefficient. But you’re worried that integrating Dubsado’s automated workflows might mess up what’s working for you – adding more work to your to-do list.


You’re ready to offer a memorable client experience

You’ve experienced a professional Dubsado setup from a client’s perspective and loved the ease of it. You want to create this same high-quality experience for YOUR clients.


It’s clear you’re not using Dubsado to its full potential.

You’re second-guessing yourself every time you send a form link – crossing your fingers that it actually works. Your proposals and client portal look embarrassingly off-brand.


What if we could turn the tables?

It's time to take some of these things off your plate

Imagine swapping your feelings of ‘there aren’t enough hours in my day’ and ‘Dubsado is a confusing beast’ with the knowledge that your client experience is top-notch and your automated systems will grow with your business.

Think of how much more profitable (and joyful!) your creative business will be if you stop wasting time repeating the same less-than-fun tasks and start devoting more energy to your clients, marketing, and future goals.

After your Dubsado setup, you will:
  • Increase your monthly income. By wasting less time on repetitive tasks, you’ll be adding back 20+ hours into your business each month. We’re talking $2K or more EACH MONTH depending on your hourly rate.
  • Set yourself apart in your crowded industry. Your client experience is professional & seamless, helping you to stand out from your competition.
  • Be positioned to take on more clients. Automated systems tailored to your SPECIFIC services will give you more time and energy to devote to your clients.
  • Maximize opportunities for referrals. When your clients love your work and the client experience they received, they’re more likely to send people your way.
  • No longer dread the onboarding process. It’s just a few simple clicks – what used to take 2 hours to create, now takes you 10 minutes.
  • Show off your custom proposals and forms. No more boring Dubsado templates that look nothing like your brand. You will have custom-coded forms that look and feel exactly like your website.


The VIP Dubsado Experience



starting at 

$3,200 CAD

Complete Dubsado Setup 

For up to 3 of your services


– in just one week –



$2,000 CAD

Complete Dubsado Setup 

For your signature service 


– in just one day –

*Taxes will apply on the packages presented above.

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When you work with me

Here is what you'll get!

Process Mapping Session

A 90-min to 2 hour call to review your business structure, create a roadmap for your processes, and identify areas for automation.

Form design

Branded CSS or Code Free forms that will be specifically designed to your business in order to offer a cohesive client experience.


Canned emails, tailored to your writing style, for every step of the process. From “Thank you for your inquiry” to “Your customized proposal is ready!” and ” Welcome! Let’s get started on your project”, I will take care if everything.

Packages & Payment plans

Setting up your packages and payment plans to make sure you are ready to book clients and get paid consistently. 


Customizing your availability to each of your services in order to provide an easy and seamless booking experience for your clients.


Building workflows and automation to tie everything together, saving you countless hours of monthly admin tasks.


Two (2) One-on-one, 45-minute calls to walk-through your new system setup. First, we will focus on understanding the workflows (this comes with videos for each workflow). The second call is to ask ALL your questions. You will also receive a Personalized Offboarding guide filled with complementary instructions.

post-project support

2–4 weeks of email support and follow up to make sure you have mastered your new system.

Here is how we'll do it!

You might be thinking

I’d rather spend my money on new brand photos or flashy business cards.

But Instead

Systems don’t exactly sound sexy…but a seamless client experience that brings in rave reviews, helps you raise your rates to match your value, and allows you to spend more time unwinding with a glass of wine certainly does.

You might be thinking

I don’t have time in my schedule right now to dedicate to setting up Dubsado.

But Instead

I get it, our calendars are already overbooked. That’s why my process takes only a week. You just need to be available for the mapping session and complete 2 questionnaires. I take care of everything so you can focus on running your business.

You might be thinking

I hired a Dubsado Specialist before but my business grew and now my workflows don’t match.

But Instead

Your business will constantly be evolving and that’s okay! I’ll teach you how to make changes and provide you with the knowledge to tweak and adapt your systems. And if you don’t have time to do it yourself, I’ve got you covered! I provide discount rates to returning clients. I won’t leave you hanging.

You might be thinking

Can’t I just hire an assitant?

But Instead

Save money long-term by setting up a system your admin understands immediately – if you still even need one.

Here is how we'll do it!


Before we “meet” for the first time, you fill out a questionnaire all about your business, your brand and your client experience


Two week before our VIP Dubsado Experience, we have a 90 min (minimum) Zoom call where we talk about your services and map out your processes.


While you’re off working on your creative client projects, I get to work on your client experience & workflows.


Through our time together, I’ll reach out to you by email with any questions I’ve encountered along the way.


Once our time is up, we will complete two 45-minute calls to walk-through your new system. I’ll also provide a Next Step Guide and customized tutorial videos.


You will receive 2-4 weeks of email support where I can answer any additional questions and help you with any problems you might have.

Walk away with a well-set up system you can use RIGHT AWAY!

From Past clients

the form design

showing the love

Martine, offering Dubsado setup services & Dubsado systems setup, leans against white brick wall wearing a white shirt and black blazer.

The VIP Dubsado Experience is more suitable for serviced-based businesses who already have a well implemented client journey, or have a very precise idea of it, that currently uses Dubsado and for whom their next step is to invest in streamlining and automating their business.


For a VIP Week, a 500$ deposit is required to book your VIP Dubsado Experience and secure your spot. 50% of the remainder is due before the Process Mapping Session – which takes place 2-3 weeks before the VIP Week. The remainder is due on the friday, prior to your VIP Week.

For VIP Days, I usually require 100% to book your VIP Day. If you need a playment plan for the VIP Day, we can discuss it during our Discovery Call.

I try to take on as much of the work as possible during the setup but you will need to set aside 5-7 hours depending on how organized you are. Note that this includes the call we have together.

Here is a breakdown of those hours: 

  • 1 hour to complete the Onboarding Questionnaire, 
  • 90min or 2 hours for our Process Mapping Workflow Session (based on the VIP Dubsado Experience you selected),
  • 1- 3 hours to complete the Implementation Questionnaire (based on the VIP Dubsado Experience you selected),
  • 60-90 minutes for our Offboarding call.

What is 5-7 hours to get your CRM set up the right way?

Once the VIP Dubsado Experience is complete, I will not leave you hanging. I’m not only setting up your Dubsado, I’m teaching you how to use it. Here is how I help you achieve that:

  • One the first call, we focus strictly on the workflows. It’s important that you understand what is actually happening in your automated systems.
  • I also provide you with a video for each one of your workflows so you can see the automation in action and also see what your client will experience.
  • Then, we hop on the questions call. This is where you come in and ask all your specific questions. If it helps (and it usually does) we can also do a run through of one of your services. 
  • After,  we move into post-project support, which includes a Next Step guide & email support. You’ll be testing your workflows, adding your existing clients, and asking me alllll the questions.

For VIP Week experience, you will have 30-days of email support.

For VIP Day experience, you will have 14 days of email support.

Yes. CSS coding and conditional logic are additional services you can add to your Dubsado setup. These services will be an additional cost.

if you made it this far, you might as well


It’s casual, it’s easy, and there are no strings attached. I’ll probably even have my hair tide-up in a bun. What are you waiting for?