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It’s time to shorten your to-do list, raise your rates and end your workday earlier.

For Designers, Copywriters and Photographers ready to stand out in a crowded industry with a high-end client experience.

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You want to run your business like a CEO. But right now, you're stuck doing repetitive tasks that are incredibly time-consuming..

You’re aware that your manual process is inefficient. But you’re worried that integrating Dubsado’s automated workflows might mess up what’s working for you – and dare I say  – add more work to your to-do list.

You wish you could snap your fingers and swap feelings of “there aren’t enough hours in my day” and “Dubsado is a confusing beast” with a top-notch client experience and automated systems. It’s time to take some of these things off your plate – which is what I do best. 

A Dubsado system setup just for YOU + in under ONE Week.

Success stories

After the VIP Dubsado Experience, my designer & copywriter clients have...

confidently increased their pricing by 20-30% while still booking their services 1-2 months in advance.

added 5 – 10 hours per week back into their business. That’s 200+ hours per year to take on additional projects.

doubled their revenue in returning clients because their clients loooooved their experience.

Choose Your experience

Here's how a Dubsado expert can support you

Whether you’d like to fully outsource your Dubsado setup or tools to help you DIY your setup – I’ve got you covered! Let’s build a Dubsado setup and client experience that reflect the way YOU want to run your business and service your clients.

Dubsado VIP setup

Dubsado VIP Week

Your whole business is desperately in need of some time-saving automation, but you’d rather be watching the new season of Emily In Paris on Nextflix than learning how to set them up yourself. 

Dubsado VIP Day for copywriters, creatives, designers and more

Dubsado VIP Day

You need help with one specific area of your business – automating your signature offer, streamlining your client experience or maybe getting rid of those cookie-cutter canva forms.

Dubsado Proposal

courses & templates

You’re not looking to fully automate your business. You just need help with some specific elements of your Dubsado setup or client experience. Check out the template shop & online courses.

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"I gained HOURS back into each week – precious time I can now devote to moving the needle forward in my business"

My Dubsado was a hot mess. I was creating every single contract and invoice manually and had no idea how to use the proposals or workflows features. In the past, I’ve gotten excited about investing in the more “fun” things like brand photos or courses. Investing in setting up systems wasn’t high on my priority list. BUT, all that changed when I realized that the inefficiencies in my business were negatively impacting my revenue each month.

Doing a Dubsado VIP Week setup with Martine has completely changed this. She has expertly automated EVERY step of my long client process (something I couldn’t have figured out how to do on my own). She has created a beautiful, professional-looking forms for me that feel on-brand for my business. And, she has given me the tools to feel comfortable using Dubsado on my own. All of this in… just one week.

-Samara Bortz

Designer & Mentor

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Dubsado systems strategist

hey friend, i'm Martine

A DUbsado expert & System strategist all about professional client experience

As a Dubsado pro, I’m on a mission to give you more freedom to do what you want without sacrificing the growth or success of your business.

Because with Dubsado, you can run a profitable business without being overwhelmed in admin tasks, never ending to-do lists and working over hours.

Let’s create systems that streamline your business processes so you can offer a sophisticated client experience while enjoying time off and away from your laptop.

The Client Process

How does this work?



Book a FREE 20-minute call so we can chat about all the ways Dubsado can streamline your processes and check to see if we’re a good fit.


save your spot

Once you’ve completed the proposal, signed the contract and paid the retainer, all you’ll need to do is reserve your spot on my calendar.



Congratulations! You just took your business to the next level. These streamlined processes will lead to significant productivity gains for you and your business.

Are you ready to stop drowning in the day-to-day and bring in higher-income months?

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Set up automated responses to inquiries

So your leads can book a discovery call while you’re out for dinner with your friends.