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let's elevate your client experience with a
Dubsado VIP day!

Because it's time to ditch the Dubsado overwhelm and start building systems that actually work.

For designers, photographers and copywriters who want to use dubsado right away but aren't ready to invest in a full setup.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter forms, non-tailored process & workflows error messages.

Because we can’t just throw automation into your processes and call it a day. This is about creating a tailored & high-end experience using Dubsado to automate portions of your processes. 

And that’s exactly where I come in. I’ve spent years, perfecting my expertise in your niche so I can show you what your client experience is missing out on.


Dubsado VIP Days

Explore the different options

Dubsado VIP DAY – Option A

Signature Service

You’ve got ONE Service you’d like to streamline and fully set up inside Dubsado. Whether you’re launching a new service or this is your signature offer, you just don’t have time to waste setting everything up yourself  – and who does?


  • 90-minute Process Mapping Session to review your business structure, create a roadmap for your processes, and identify areas for automation.
  • All settings, Client Portal, code-free form design, canned emails, packages, payment plans, schedulers & workflows for one service.
  • 2 Offboarding calls to learn how everything works + 14 days of email support.

Investment: $2,5o0 CAD (approx $2,000 USD)

Timeline: 1-3 Days 

dubsado VIP DAY – Option B

The Workflows

You want to use Dubsado’s most powerful feature, the workflows, but just don’t have time to play the guessing game. Let’s get you set up for the most time-consuming portion of your process – Inquiry, Booking & Onboarding Phases.


  • 60-minute Process Mapping Session review your business structure, create a roadmap for your processes.
  • Building workflows for your inquiry, booking and onboarding phase for one service.
  • Proposal, contract, lead capture and onboarding questionnaire code- free templates uploaded.
  • Review of your general settings and Client Portal.
  • 1 Offboarding calls to learn how everything works + 14 days of email support

Investment: $1,750 CAD (approx $1,500 USD)

Timeline: 1 Day

dubsado VIP DAY – Option C

The Design

You’ve invested so much time and energy in your branding and website…only for your Dubsado forms to break up the cohesive chain. This package is for you if you want to maintain a strong brand presence. Because let’s be real, selling doesn’t stop with your discovery call, let your proposal sell FOR you by showcasing your work and creating an experience.


  • 60-minute Kick-Off Call to talk about your branding & your vision.
  • Your choice of 3 forms (Proposal, Contract, Questionnaire or Lead Capture)
  • Forms can be code-free or include CSS-coding through a 3rd party platform.
  • 2 rounds of revision.

Investment starts at: $1,000 CAD (Approx. $800 USD)

Timeline: 3 Days

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A Dubsado VIP Day is for you if...

  • You’re ready to use Dubsado’s full potential. You want to start using workflows & automation in your day-to-day.
  • You want to take your client experience to the next level. You want your client experience to be professional & seamless, helping you stand out from your competition and showcase a cohesive branding.
  • You want to skip to the front of the line. You need your Dubsado account setup – like yesterday and you can’t wait 1-2 months.
  • You want to get it right the first time. You don’t want to play the guessing game of what you need to create to build working workflows tailored to your business needs OR how to get your forms to look beautiful on desktop & ON MOBILE.
  • Show off your custom proposals and forms. You want beautifully branded forms that create a cohesive look for your business.

"Even if I had dedicated an entire 2 weeks to DIYing my Dubsado, it wouldn't have been on the same level as her work."

I already knew I was wasting time reworking proposals and manually sending some emails but thought if I just sat down and dedicated time to figuring out Dubsado then I probably wouldn’t need to outsource.

Of course, I could never actually make the time to do that.

Now though after working with Martine, I realized even if I had dedicated an entire 2 weeks to DIYing my Dubsado, it wouldn’t have been on the same level as her work. From gorgeous proposals (that she taught me how to update) to workflows that seamlessly fit into my own habits, routines, and energy levels…Martine overhauled my systems yet still adapted it all to work best for me.

-Isobel Griffin


Here is how we'll do it!


Before we “meet” for the first time, I’ll send over a questionnaire all about your business, your brand, and your client experience. Two weeks before our VIP Day, we’ll hop on a call to talk about your services and map out your processes.

Your time investment: 2,5 hours


After our call, you’ll complete an implementation questionnaire to provide me with all the necessary content you currently use. While you’re off working on your creative client projects, I get to work on your client experience, forms, and/or workflows. 

Your time investment: 2 hours


Once our time is up, we’ll complete (1-2) 45-minute calls to walk-through your new system or forms. I’ll also provide a Next Step Guide and customized tutorial videos.

Your time investment: 3 hours


You’ll receive 2 weeks of email support where I can answer any additional questions and help you with any problems you might have,

Your time investment: 2 hours

Setting up your Dubsado is a collaborative process so you can

Walk away with a well-set up system you can use RIGHT AWAY!
Dubsado Specialist Martine CEO of Streamlined By Martine lifting a champagne glass to celebrate.

The VIP Days are more suitable for serviced-based businesses who are looking for help in a specific area of their business such as automating their signature service, streamlining a portion of their process or maybe getting rid of those cookie-cutter canva forms.

For Dubsado VIP Days, I usually require 100% to book your VIP Day. If you need a payment plan for the VIP Day, we can discuss it during our Discovery Call.

Once the VIP Day is complete, I will not leave you hanging. I’m not only setting up your Dubsado, I’m teaching you how to use it. Here is how I help you achieve that:

  • One the first call, we focus strictly on the workflows. It’s important that you understand what is actually happening in your automated systems.
  • I also provide you with a video for each one of your workflows so you can see the automation in action and also see what your client will experience.
  • Then, we hop on the questions call. This is where you come in and ask all your specific questions. If it helps (and it usually does) we can also do a run through of one of your services. 
  • After,  we move into post-project support, which includes a Next Step guide & email support. You’ll be testing your workflows, adding your existing clients, and asking me alllll the questions.

You also receive 14 days of email support.

Yes. CSS coding and conditional logic are additional services you can add to your Dubsado setup. These services will be an additional cost.

*Please note that they are included in the VIP Day | The Design.

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