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The story behind the business

Dani is a launch copywriter, strategist, and copy mentor for course creators and copywriters. She writes or helps you write punchy, compelling, and feel-good copy that makes you money. 

Why did she decide to invest in a setup?

Dani decided to uplevel her high-level 1:1 service “The Copy Experience”. Everything just felt clunky with my client interactions.

She had also just raised her pricing and knew that her client experiences needed to reflect that price.




Dubsado VIP Day

services setup:

  • The Copy Experience

The Objectives

Elevate her overall client interactions

Solidify her booking & onboarding processes

streamline and automate her signature offer

The transformation

Dani came to me because she didn’t have a good inquiry or client onboarding system. It was all in her head or in Google docs which made for a lot of repetition and wasted time.

Before working with me, everything just felt clunky with her client interactions. She had just raised the prices of her 1:1 services and knew that her client experience needed to reflect that price.

Over a zoom call, I took the time to get to know her and her business. We discussed her goals and objectives and how they should be reflected in the client experience she offered.From there, we streamlined and automated her signature offer in order for her business to run more efficiently.

Her biggest transformation?! “My proposals are fire!!!! I love sending them out to leads :)”

Since working together Dani has had a really great close rate with leads because her new process screens people well, and then follows up with a killer proposal experience.

The Portfolio

"If you need to uplevel your Dubsado processes, there is nobody else I would recommend more."

Martine goes above and beyond for her clients, and I knew that when I asked for changes, they would get DONE (as opposed to having to double-check some service providers’ work). 

I just had complete trust that you knew what you were doing, and that whatever my random request was, you could make it happen.

Martine is crazy organized and helps you make a powerful shift in your business to better serve your clients. She helped me uplevel my entire client experience systems, and I am thrilled with the outcome.

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