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The story behind the business

Kristin is a SEO copywriter and strategist. She is on a mission to help you CRUSH your badass business goals. She loves working with bold and confident service providers ready to elevate their websites.

Why did she decide to invest in a setup?

Kristin wanted to streamline her business processes and create an elevated client experience. She was spending a lot of time on backend work and had choppy workflows.

She tried DIY but it was taking her FOREVER and she didn’t have the time to learn the platform.




Dubsado VIP Week

services setup:

  • Website Copywriting
  • SEO Services
  • VIP Days

The Objectives

workflows reflecting her new services

high-end & streamlined client experience 

beautifully branded & easy to customize proposals 

The transformation

Kristin came to me because she had been doing a lot of restructuring with her services and had just launched her new VIP day copywriting services.

She had her Dubsado setup by another pro a while back but with all the restructuring she had been doing, she felt like she was just “creating a mess of her Dubsado”. 

She was at a point in her business where she wanted to work more efficiently, take on more projects with her new services while being able to offer a memorable client experience.

“I was trying to set up a workflow last night and after a few error messages I thought to myself, I need Martine to do this for me. This is soooo not my forte whatsoever. If I don’t outsource it, it’s going to take me forever to create everything” 

Over a zoom call, I took the time to get to know her and her business and her vision and goals for the year to come. From there, we streamlined her entire business processes in order for her business to run more efficiently.


One of her favorite moments of our work together ” I loved how Martine helped me really dissect the client journey through each of my services”

Now she has properly set up workflows that are tailored to her processes and reflect her new services. She also has beautifully designed forms that showcase her new branding & new gorgeous photos. And the great part is that they are easy to customize so it takes her less than 10 minutes personalize for each client. She walks away with a tool she feels comfortable using on her own.

We made sure her workflows were properly setup to accommodate the different packages she offers and make sure they would be easy to customize if she ever had to. This helped cut down the amount of time she spends on managing projects in half.

The Portfolio

"Working with Martine was a game-changer! "

She helped me map out my client journey and streamline my processes. I now have automated workflows for all my services and has cut down the amount of time I spend on managing projects in half!

She was so detailed and organized and did a fantastic job keeping my updated throughout the entire process. I love how she designed my proposals and made sure they were aligned with my branding.

I would absolutely recommend Martine! She is talented, experienced, kind, and has helped my business immensely.”

Her attention to detail was absolutely fabulous 

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