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The story behind the business

Jeana is a published photographer, creative writer, brand coach, soulful woman, and multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Her mission is to change the way women work and create a network of thriving business owners to deeply fulfill their purpose, share the value of their work, and know how to do it well… one small business at a time.

Why did she decide to invest in a setup?

Jeana’s system were all manual. She was spending (and wasting) sooo much time manually emailing back and forth, sending calendar link, proposals and invoicing was a “net-terms” nightmare. 

Jeana had the chance to experience Dubsado from a client’s perspective and thought  “wow, these women are on another level. I want this for myself and mostly for my clients.”


Brand & Website Designer


Dubsado VIP Week

services setup:

  • Premium Website Design
  • Branding VIP
  • Website VIP

The Objectives

offering excellence through her client experience

learn how to make changes herself inside dubsado

processes & system to manage her backend

The transformation

Jeana came to me because she had been working the back-end of her business manually for a while and as business was picking up, doing everything wasn’t possible anymore.

She discovered Dubsado by working with other freelancers, and creatives. “A few times, I was sent a link, an invoice, and a calendar with reminders.  I thought – wow, these women are on another level. I wanted this for myself and mostly for my clients.”

Jeana truly believes in offering excellence when it comes to the client journey.

Before we even dove into Dubsado, we review her complete service suite and add-ons. We restructured them to make sure they fit the needs of her clients and match the creative work she wanted to focus on.

Then, we started writing down each step included in each one of her services. It was crucial to make sure each communication with the client was intentional and well-positioned in her process.

Her biggest take away from our time together: “MY BUSINESS IS COMPLETE! When you are a creative business, you can do many many things. Now, I have a service suite of limited services and add-ons I can sell over and over.”

Now she has perfectly curated processes that fit each one of the services she provides. She also has beautifully designed forms that showcase her brand and her amazing work. She finally has a setup that will help her spend her days serving her client and doing what she loves.

The Portfolio

"She will deliver solutions you'd expect from an Executive Chief of Operations"

I call her my “Fairy Godmother”.

Expect a woman who stands in your business for you. She will place herself in the customer’s seat and give you every outcome. Then, she will deliver solutions you’d expect from an Executive Chief of Operations. Martine also helps with project management. Trust me, I planned on setting up some emails, invoices and a few services. I now have legitimate business operations on the backend. 

I plan to expand and scale my business with her. I cannot recommend her more to my clients.

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