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The story behind the business

Justine is a Canadian Brand & Website Designer who works with all types of creatives from beauty studios to copywriters and coaches. 

She is well-known for her  modern and elegant designs.

Why did she decide to invest in a setup?

Justine was tired of half implemented systems in her business. She had just hired her first team member and needed her processes to be streamlined and easy to follow.

She also wanted to offer a consistent and high-end client experience to all her clients no matter the type of service they purchased. 


Brand & Website Designer


Dubsado VIP Week

services setup:

  • Brand Design
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing

The Objectives

automate her client interactions

keep her projects on track with intentional reminders

Elevate her client experience to the next level

The transformation

Justine came to me because she had no strategic workflow and processes. She had tried many times to implement some sort of systems in her business but never had the time to fully finish the setups.

Before working with me, she was doing most of her client interactions manually. She had a project management tool to help her during her design process but nothing to keep her clients up to speed and her projects on track.

She decided to move forward with a Dubsado setup because she had just hired her first team member and really needed some systems in place.

Over a zoom call, I took the time to get to know her and her business. We discussed her goals and objectives and how they should be reflected in the client experience she offered. From there, we streamlined and automated her entire business in order for her to run it more efficiently. 

Since working together Justine has beautifully branded proposals she can send in a blink of an eye to her new leads. She also has a streamlined client experience that elevated the client experience she provides. Finally her favourite feature is all the form reminders we have included throughout her process that ensure her clients will provide the required feedback on her designs – in a timely manner. 

The Portfolio

"The quality of her work is impeccable!"

Martine is super organized and when you work with her and see the systems she has in place, you want to have the same as hers!

I was really impressed by her work. She is super organized. Always on time. Delivers a high quality service.

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