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Z. Domus Design


The story behind the business

Z Domus Designs is the Northeast’s leading design meets construction firm.

Led by CEO + Principal Designer Rose Zefferino, ZDD closely partners with prominent builders and clients to design forever homes, from the studs to the styling.

Why did she decide to invest in a setup?

Rose was spending too much time trying to do it herself and it was just not working.  And it was taking my other team members too long to figure it out (which meant she was wasting money on that end too!). 

She needed the help of an expert to connect the dots about what was in her head and then translate it into flexible but repetitive steps.


Interior Designer


Dubsado VIP Week

services setup:

  • Construction Design
  • Concierge Design Service
  • Luxury Furnishings
  • Builder Partnerships
  • 30/30 Intensives

The Objectives

Implement as much automation as possible throughout

Beautifully branded proposal that showcase her designs

Elevate her client experience to the next level

The transformation

Rose came to me because she was spending too much time trying to do it herself and it was not working. She needed help connecting the dots between what was in her head and then translate it into a flexible but repetitive process.

Before working with me, she and her team were doing most of the client interactions manually. Their process felt disorganized and keep track of project was getting pretty hectic.

Also, without knowledge of interior design, she thought there would be a disconnect about the process – but that was NOT the case.

“Martine’s brain just thinks differently and more systemically than any other Dubsado consultant that I have worked with in the past.  She just got the steps.”

During our time together, I focused on understanding the unique way she and the team operate the business, the implication of each team member and the vision she had for her business long term. From there, we streamlined and automated her entire business in order for her and the team to run it more efficiently. 

The process mapping call we did together was really eye opening for her – “we have so many customizations available but to see that the process is the same it’s just parts that need to be customized was really enlightening.” It provided her with the clarity she needed to continue elevating her business processes and streamline even more her other systems.

Her biggest transformation? “TIME! Onboarding our builder projects has been so much easier and we now have the client information all in one spot”

The Portfolio

"Martine is a master at what she does!"

I had a great experience with Martine and I have already given her name out to friends and colleagues.

Having worked with another Dubsado consultant in the past, I was really looking for someone who would understand my vision of the client experience and bring that to life (through efficient and easy work flows) and not try to get me to conform to a cookie-cutter client process.

What my firm does is so highly customizable that it was a breathe of fresh air to work with someone to embraced that and ran with it.  Highly recommend!

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