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Dubsado VIP Week

From ‘bits and pieces’ to an entire Dubsado setup for this copywriting business

Have you ever struggled with sounding like a real, genuine, and cheese-loving (or dog-loving)  human when you talk about yourself and your business?

Or maybe you’ve got personality locked down when it comes to your website copy, but it doesn’t check the SEO boxes. 

It’s a hard balance to find – sounding like you and getting eyes on your business. But it’s the balance that Isobel Griffin strikes with her creative, SEO copywriting business. 

In her own business though, Isobel found it difficult to accept the growth she was experiencing, streamline her copywriting process, and finally move out of the DIY stage of her Dubsado setup. 

This is where I stepped in.

Dubsado for copywriting business example

Wasting time DIYing her Dubsado process instead of copywriting

Before we started working together on Isobel’s Dubsado setup, she used pieces of the system, like contracts, invoices, and questionnaires, but still created and sent everything manually. 

Since Isobel was only in her first few years of running a business, she wasn’t completely comfortable outsourcing tasks. Instead, she downloaded freebies and purchased Dubsado guides in hopes that she could set up her workflows and proposals on her own. 

"I was wasting so much time redoing proposals and sending out the same emails over and over. I thought if I just sat down and dedicated time to figuring Dubsado out, then I wouldn’t need to hire someone.

Of course, I could never make the time to do that. "

While Dubsado seemed like a way to streamline her administrative work and free up more time to write website copy for her clients, Isobel was actually wasting time and energy stressing over her systems. 

That changed after she handed off her website and branding to a professional designer

In the wake of outsourcing, Isobel recognized her client experience didn’t match the quality of the rest of her business and that she couldn’t excel at Dubsado on her own.

Hesitations about automation

Isobel had no doubt that Dubsado’s proposals, questionnaires, and workflows would add much-needed time back in her day. But she still had a few hesitations about outsourcing the setup and Dubsado’s abilities. 

  1. As a hands-on business owner, Isobel worried she wouldn’t understand how to update her Dubsado setup down the road. She didn’t want to be completely reliant on outsourcing for every future change in her business. 
  2. A flexible schedule was essential to Isobel’s creative energy, personal relationships, and love of surfing (she hated the idea of being trapped in a call on a perfect wave day). She feared a strict Dubsado system meant she wouldn’t have the flexibility she needed. 
  3. Isobel also wasn’t convinced Dubsado could do everything she wanted. She wrote off some of her issues as Dubsado just not working the way she wanted. 

When people hear the term ‘business systems,’ they often picture rigid, unchangeable structures. 

But that’s not the case. 

By taking the time to understand how your creative energy flows and what’s important to you as an entrepreneur, I’m able to build flexibility and adaptability into your Dubsado setup. 

Creating efficient Dubsado workflows and processes for her copywriting business

After a little more DIY trial and error, Isobel decided the Dubsado VIP Week was the best choice for her copywriting business. 

When we had our first Process Mapping Call, it was clear Isobel had a strong understanding of what she needed from Dubsado for two of her signature services. But, she had recently launched a new Brand Messaging Guide service and needed guidance on figuring out a repeatable process for it. 

By comparing her new service with her others, I came up with two different workflow options that maintained cohesion across her business. We talked through the differences in the workflows before landing on one that felt aligned with her copywriting process. 

During our Process Mapping Call, Isobel also emphasized how important flexibility in her schedule was. 

Her introverted personality, changing family schedules, and weather-dependent surf days meant Isobel needed to easily change her appointment availability before clients booked meetings. 

To allow for this flexibility, I strategically designed her workflows to ensure no appointment schedulers were sent out without her approval. 

"My schedule is important to me so Martine made tweaks that allowed me to easily adjust my calendar and protect my time off. I’ve been able to have spontaneous surf days while still scheduling calls with the click of a button."

The step-by-step breakdown

Take a look at everything we did when setting up and automating Isobel’s Dubsado during her Dubsado VIP Week:

  • Set up Dubsado for 3 signature services, 3 add-on offerings, and a custom partnership
  • Mapped out 130 steps (forms, emails, calendars, requests) across her services
  • Made 113 of those 130 (87%) completely automatic
  • Built out her client portal – a one-stop-shop for all her client work
  • Allowed for flexibility in her scheduler to fit her copywriting process
  • Created 51 canned emails, 17 form templates, 10 workflows, and 5 schedulers

What does all this mean for Isobel’s copywriting process and client experience?

  1. Isobel’s discovery, onboarding, and offboarding process are taken care of so she doesn’t get distracted from her focused writing time. 
  2. Isobel easily customizes her calendar to fit changes in her weekly schedules (and allow for impromptu surf days when the waves look good). 
  3. Isobel knows how to update her Dubsado as her business grows so she feels hands-on and in control. 

More time copywriting, surfing, and growing her business with Dubsado

The instant changes Isobel experienced with her complete Dubsado setup included professional-looking and easy-to-implement client interactions as well as confidence in her own abilities to update Dubsado. 

But Isobel also saved…

  • 3+ hours per week on email writing 
  • 2+ hours per week on form customization 
  • 1.5+ hours per week on administrative tasks

Resulting in a savings of 200+ hours and $5,150 per year on tasks a virtual assistant would handle!

Plus, Isobel now has more hours in her week to spend focused on copywriting, connecting with new clients, or catching waves at the beach.  

If you’re ready for more focused creative time and less energy-sapping administrative tasks, then a Dubsado VIP Experience is for you. 

All you have to do is book your free Discovery Call to get started!

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