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Behind The Scenes Of Your Dubsado Business Process Mapping Call

Behind The Scenes Of Your Dubsado Business Process Mapping Call

Take a peek at the foundation of every Dubsado VIP week: the Process Mapping Call

When you think about outsourcing your Dubsado setup, what concerns run through your mind?

I’m worried they won’t understand my business and industry.’

‘What if they create a system that doesn’t work for my brain?’

‘Will their systems set up actually help my process?’

‘Am I ready to use Dubsado?’

‘Can I even trust this Dubsado expert?!’

You’re not alone. 

Worries like these run through every entrepreneur’s mind. Especially if you’ve been burned before by a system that didn’t work for your business, processes, or workflow. 

But that’s exactly why every single Dubsado VIP Week (my signature Dubsado setup service) includes a Process Mapping Call. On this call, we dive deep into your current client experience, processes, business, and brain to build a Dubsado system that works for you. 

And today, I’m drawing back the curtain on my Process Mapping Call to reveal everything that goes on behind the scenes while preparing your Dubsado setup. 

Let’s get to it. 

What is business process mapping?

Business process mapping breaks down every step undertaken to complete a service or workflow. 

For example, when someone enquires on your website contact page, the process typically looks like:

  • The client completing a lead capture form (aka your inquiry form)
  • The client receiving an automated thank you email
  • Your business being notified of the inquiry
  • Your business deciding if this new lead is a good fit
  • The client receiving a Discovery Call scheduler

When you map out your processes, you identify areas that could be automated, streamlined, and optimized for a more efficient workflow for you and an elevated experience for your clients. Mapping your business processes helps you understand how you can best serve your clients and create more freedom in your own business structure. 

These processes become the standard operating procedures for your business and the key to creating your Dubsado workflows. 

How do Dubsado business process mapping calls work?

Every Dubsado VIP Week project includes a process mapping call where we go through your services and identify every major step, email, questionnaire, and opportunity for automation. 

Our process mapping call typically occurs two weeks before your VIP week launches and takes 90-120 minutes. On the call, we talk through your client experience steps including payment structures, timelines, questionnaires, and calendar availability. Basically, I want to know all the interactions you currently have with your client throughout your project. 

While you should have an idea about how your services work, we’ll refine the details together by uncovering the answers to questions like:

  • Do you want new leads to book a call or fill out an application?
  • When do you want invoices to be sent out?
  • How long do clients have to complete homework?
  • What days and times do you enjoy having client calls?
  • Where do you need reminders to keep you on track?

This call serves as the foundation for building out your Dubsado setup and workflow so that it fits your brain, business, and services. It’s where I get to step inside your business and co-create a system that’s designed to perfectly fit your needs. 

Don’t just take it from me though!

Martine is an expert not only in Dubsado but also in business process mapping. After one detailed conversation, she had a full understanding of my services, my clients, and my business needs.’ – Deidre, Composed Career

Martine balanced getting to know me, executing what I wanted, and shaping my systems with her strategic recommendations. In the end, her input allowed us to co-create something even better than I could have come up with on my own.’ – Kira, Handle & Hone

What information about my business do you need for our Dubsado process mapping call?

Before our process mapping call, you’ll need to complete a questionnaire and provide your branding information and content related to your service packages, client journey, and canned emails. 

Don’t worry, I provide detailed instructions on what to submit and where to submit it!

On top of that questionnaire, I recommend you take some time to consider what your ideal project would look like. Think about how much support and communication you want to offer your clients, what are your ideal timelines, and what your energy levels look like throughout the week. 

While we’ll break this information down further during our call, and I’ll happily bring in my client experience expertise, it’s great to have a general idea of your business boundaries, client experience, and project expectations. 

What happens after our process mapping call?

Immediately after your Dubsado process mapping call, I’ll send you a follow-up questionnaire to confirm details about your business and content for your services. This includes a request for your current proposal template, scheduler, questionnaire, and emails. 

From there, I’ll start building your workflows, forms, templates, and overall client experience during your VIP Week! 

Throughout your VIP Week, I’ll stay in regular contact and ask you to review specific components of your Dubsado setup. But I always return to our process mapping call to create a system that aligns with your business, your needs, and the way you work. 

For example, during my process mapping call with copywriter Isobel, she emphasized that having a flexible schedule was important for her. To accommodate any changes in her weekly availability, we added reminders for her to check her calendar before meeting invitations were delivered. 

With designer Samara, we discussed how she was wasting time rewriting emails yet feared automation would feel impersonal. As a result, I added to-dos to her workflow that reminded her to add personal touches to her emails while still automating the majority of them to save her time. 

The process mapping call allows me to reject cookie-cutter templates and instead create a Dubsado system that’s a perfect fit for you. 

If you’re ready for an unforgettable client experience, an optimized operating process, and a Dubsado setup that reads your mind, then you’re ready for a Dubsado VIP Week. 

Get started today by booking your Discovery Call!