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Dubsado For Coaches

Dubsado For Coaches: Everything You Need To Know

Have you thought about introducing a CRM (customer relationship management) software into your coaching business? Are you looking for ways to streamline the administration side of your coaching business and spend more time supporting your clients in breaking through barriers and solving problems? If you’re looking for a solution to take care of those pesky day-to-day tasks that can overwhelm your working hours, Dubsado is a great option for coaches and anyone with a coaching business. 

We often hear about the benefits Dubsado provides creative entrepreneurs. How the web designers, copywriters, branding specialists, and graphic designers of the world can use Dubsado to automate their processes.

But, I’m here to tell you that as a coach, Dubsado for coaches is just as useful for you as it is for creative small business owners.

Will Dubsado Work For My Coaching Business?

The short answer is yes, Dubsado will absolutely help you in your coaching business. The automation tools Dubsado offers allow you to keep track of clients seamlessly and provide a great client experience. With Dubsado’s help, you’ll never forget a reminder or follow-up email again, and taking payments becomes a breeze. 

That being said, you might find that the current Dubsado scheduler struggles to keep up with your client load if you work with a high volume of clients needing to schedule (and potentially reschedule) many calls each month. However, like anything, there are workarounds. While it is technically an extra step, Dubsado makes it very easy to connect your account with a higher performing scheduling tool like Acuity or Calendly

Another important caveat to note when considering Dubsado for coaches is that you’ll get the most benefits from it if you work with clients one-on-one. As Dubsado is built to be a client management tool, it is not as focused on managing group classes or programs. 

But if your business model is geared toward one-on-one coaching, and you’re willing to make adjustments based on scheduling needs, Dubsado can be a game changer in keeping you and your clients organized while providing a high-end experience that sets you apart from your competitors. 

Dubsado Can Help You Take Your Coaching Business To The Next Level

You started your coaching business to share your knowledge and insights with the world and to have control over your time and energy. No one starts their own business with the dream of working 80 hours a week and stressing over missed emails and unpaid invoices. 

Having a tool that gives you back your administrative hours means you can focus more on your clients and yourself. No more drafting proposals into the wee hours of the night. No more spending Sundays getting caught up on emails. With Dubsado, you can build a business that is manageable for you and welcoming to your clients every step of the way. 

Simple Lead Management

With lead management automation, you never have to worry about leaving a lead hanging for too long. Whether you’re in meetings all day or you gave yourself a personal day, when a lead fills out the Dubsado inquiry form on your website or social media profile, Dubsado takes the reins. 

Leads can automatically be sent an email that outlines the next step of your process. Do they need to fill out a questionnaire? Dubsado will send them that. Do they need to book a time for a discovery call? Dubsado can send them your calendar so they to book a time. You don’t need to lift a finger until you’re ready to prepare for their discovery call, so you never have to worry about not getting to a lead in time again.

Client Management & Customer Portals

One of the biggest pros of using Dubsado for a coaching business is its customer portals. The end-to-end process of working with a client has a lot of moving parts. From lead inquiry forms, proposals, onboarding questionnaires, invoices, scheduling, and testimonial requests, there are a lot of documents and communications that are shared between you and your clients. 

Dubsado has client portals for each and every client you work with. This means that every form, every questionnaire, and every communication you have with your client is stored in their client portal. Your clients no longer have to search through their emails to find their contract or intake form. All these things are saved and secured in their portal for easy access. 

This also means easy access for you too! No more moving things from one Google folder to another to track your client’s progress through your process. Find everything you need in one handy place.

Contracts, Invoices, Questionnaires & More

Speaking of all those documents you need to track, Dubsado can also streamline the act of creating them. Dubsado allows you to create templates of your most used documents so you’re not constantly re-creating forms. 

When you know there’s a form that you’ll need a client to fill out, you can create a template that has all the information you need and save it to use anytime. Dubsado also allows you to white label all your documents so every form you send has your branding and looks cohesive with your other documents and your website. And if you have a client that needs a slightly different approach to their forms, you can customize any form to match their needs. 

Having ready-to-go templates saves so much time in your communication with clients and helps you ensure nothing is forgotten. 

Professional Proposals

You’ve got a lead! They filled out your inquiry form, you had an amazing discovery call, and they want you to send out a proposal. You’re so close to landing this one you can taste it!

But is your proposal doing the work it needs to seal the deal? Having a strong proposal can make the difference between landing or losing a coaching client. 

With Dubsado, you can create a proposal that is an extension of the experience of working with you. You can answer every question or objection they may have before they have time to ask it. 

When you build your forms in Dubsado, your inquiry form and proposal can have the same branding, language, and images so your clients have a seamless experience. This is huge in building your client’s trust as there are no surprises and they have a clear picture of what it will be like to work with you. 

Along with building your client’s trust, a professional proposal answers any questions they may have about your process. It sets them at ease knowing that you’ve thought of everything. They know what will happen next, what the timeline looks like, and what they have to do to get started. 

Good proposals are key to taking leads from inquiries to paid clients. With Dubsado’s help, you can nail your proposal every time!

Easy Payments

The dreaded “when can I expect your payment?” email. No one likes having money discussions, but with Dubsado, you can automate your payment process to take the stress off you and keep things fully transparent with your clients. 

One of the hidden benefits of working with Dubsado is it forces you to think through every aspect of your business. What things need to be completed first, what happens next, how you collect the information you need, and how you communicate your process with your clients all need to be mapped out. 

Because you’ve spent the time mapping out your process, you can clearly share that with your clients so they know exactly what to expect and when and how payments have to be made. 

Since both you and your clients are clear on when deposits and payments are due, you can create and send invoices through Dubsado and automate them to go out at the correct stage of your process. Your client can pay directly through the Dubsado invoice without having to open up a new window or create an account with a different service provider. 

You can even automate payment reminders and thank you emails so the entire money talk is outta sight and outta mind, letting you focus on the good stuff like helping your client succeed in their goals. 

Canned Emails

As a coach, you send a lot of emails. Like, a LOT. And how many of those emails say the same thing every time? 

Another reason I love Dubsado for coaches is that you can create pre written, or canned, versions of these emails and save them in your processes. This way, when it’s time to send out a day-before reminder email, you have it ready to go and don’t have to re-write or copy and paste it from your sent folder. 

Canned emails also offer smart fields that will automatically add in the name of your client, the date, etc, so even though they’re canned, the emails are just as personal as if you wrote them from scratch.

Automate Onboarding / Offboarding

Your lead automation sent them to a discovery call, which led to a proposal, which led to a paid deposit. Now the work begins. 

Before you can begin to support your client in their coaching needs, you need to gather all the information you need to know how to help them. With Dubsado workflows, the act of paying a deposit can set in motion the onboarding process so clients can get the information they need when they’re ready and excited to start. 

The same goes for offboarding. Many coaches don’t give their offboarding process enough attention and leave opportunities behind. Once the process of working with you is over, Dubsado can send automated emails to ask for a testimonial, invite the client back for a special service focused on returning clients, provide closure on the work you accomplished, and reach out to them in the future to see how they’re doing. 

Automate Your Business With Dubsado Workflows For Coaches

If you’re a coach who feels like they’re drowning in the admin side of things and don’t have the time to give to their clients, using Dubsado workflows could give you the extra hours you’ve been looking for.

Ready To Get Started?

Both you and your clients deserve a streamlined, clearly communicated process that keeps everyone on track and informed of what’s coming next. 

If you’re ready to have Dubsado become your new VA and you’re looking for a Dubsado specialist to streamline your setup, I’d love to help you on that journey!

I offer Dubsado solutions for coaches looking for every different level of Dubsado support. From complete, done-for-you VIP packages for those just getting started with Dubsado, to Client Intensives to help iron out the kinks in your existing Dubsado processes, I can help you wherever you’re at. 

And if you’d like to dip your toe in the Dubsado world for a bit first, you can use my code for 30% off an annual subscription to see what it’s like.