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Dubsado’s Scheduler: A Must-Have Tool For Every Web Designer

Dubsado Scheduler: A Must-Have Tool For Every Web Designer

Dubsado’s Scheduler: A Must-Have Tool For Every Web Designer

Comparing Dubsado’s scheduler vs. Calendly to make intentional scheduling decisions

Being a brand or website designer means juggling more projects and clients. And in the chaos of it all, you need to schedule calls left, right, and center: Discovery Calls, Kickoff Calls, Presentation Calls…and don’t forget those check-ins with retainer clients or coffee meets with potential collaborators. 

It’s like a never-ending game of calendar Tetris.

How do I know all this? Because I create smooth systems and elevate client experiences strictly for designers and copywriters.

But there is a solution that gives you an organized calendar, a stress-free booking process, and clients blown away by how put together you are. And that solution is Dubsado’s scheduler tool. 

Dubsado’s scheduler not only keeps your day, your week, and your month on track, but it also makes your client’s lives easier. It’s one of the main ingredients in a professional and hassle-free client experience. 

And we know how important your client experience is. 

So in this blog, we’re diving deep into all things Dubsado scheduler and how it can elevate your design processes. Let’s get to it!

What Is The Dubsado Scheduler Tool?

At first glance, Dubsado’s scheduler is a simple way for your leads and clients to book time with you. But there’s so much more to this tool. 

Imagine having the ability to completely optimize your week with a few clicks. That’s what Dubsado’s scheduler can do. 

With this scheduler, you can create customized templates for every type of call you book, from a quick 15-minute Discovery Call to in-depth 60-minute kickoff meetings. You get to decide what days you’re available, the duration of each meeting, and even what emails are sent with the appointment scheduler. 

Mondays and Wednesdays reserved for Discovery Calls? Done

Check-in calls on the 15th of every month? Check

No-call Fridays? You got it

And here’s the cherry on top – Dubsado’s scheduler seamlessly integrates with your project workflows. That means calendar invites go out precisely when they should in your project timelines, and friendly reminder emails reduce the number of no-show appointments you experience. 

So say goodbye to ‘how does Thursday afternoon work?’ exchanges, ‘are we still on for tomorrow?’ reminders, and 4:30 pm Friday meetings forever

The flexibility Dubsado’s scheduler offers flexibility isn’t only about managing your calendar. It’s about designing your week in a way that suits your creative rhythms and personal life. With Dubsado’s scheduling tool, you have the power to protect your time and infuse your workdays with balance and freedom. 

Who doesn’t want more of that?

How Dubsado’s Scheduler Benefits Web Designers

Dubsado’s scheduler isn’t just another tool for your toolbox. It’s a secret weapon for transforming and elevating the way you serve your clients. 

Let’s discuss the 5 main ways that Dubsado’s scheduler makes your design processes and client experience smoother than ever before. 

  1. Easy Client Interactions: Clients book appointments at their convenience and receive automatic reminders so meetings with you don’t feel like a chore.
  2. Complete Customization: Customize meeting types, times, and durations to keep your week running as smoothly as possible.
  3. Payment Integration:Include payment options in your booking process to ensure you’re paid on time for your work.
  4. Efficient Automation: Automatic scheduling that fits seamlessly into your workflows to save you countless hours planning your calendar.
  5. Elevated Client Experience: Quick and effortless appointment scheduling showcases your professionalism and leaves your clients with a positive impression of your design business. 

In a nutshell, Dubsado’s Scheduler isn’t just about managing appointments; it’s about enhancing your client relationships, boosting your productivity, and elevating your entire web design business.

Ways Web Designers Can Use Dubsado’s Scheduler

So we’ve looked at the big picture of how Dubsado’s scheduler tool benefits web designers. But let’s dive into the specifics of exactly where and when to use this scheduler:

  • To land Discovery Calls by encouraging leads to book a call with you on your contact page or in a follow-up email. 
  • To book Kickoff Meetings where you need plenty of time to dig into your client’s goals and visions. 
  • To hold Concept Presentations, Feedback Sessions, or Project Milestone Calls where you want to check in with your clients. 
  • To book one-off Strategy Sessions where payment is needed before you hop on a call with a client. 
  • To meet with other entrepreneurs or potential partners and build relationships.

Comparing Dubsado’s Scheduler vs. Calendly

As a Dubsado Pro, I favor Dubsado’s scheduler over Calendly. But both have their merits and understanding the differences is key to choosing the right fit for your needs. 

While these two scheduling tools share a lot of similarities like automated reminders, timezone detection, mobile accessibility, and scheduling customization, there are some important differences between them.

So let’s break down the differences between Dubsado’s scheduler tool and Calendly.


  • Ease of use for beginners looking for a straightforward scheduling tool.
  • Low monthly cost making it a great budget-friendly option. 
  •  Simple integration with other 3rd party applications like Slack and Notion.


  • Limited customization options for businesses wanting a branded feel. 
  • Exclusively a scheduling tool that lacks useful CRM features.




  • Extensive customization options so you can create a branded experience. 
  • Seamlessly integrates with project workflows and processes. 
  • Consolidates all client interactions into one comprehensive CRM. 
  • Connects with 3rd party apps using Zapier.


The Winner Between Dubsado Scheduler vs. Calendly

While Calendly is best for new businesses who aren’t ready for a complete Client Relationship Manager yet, Dubsado’s scheduler is the clear winner for established brand and web designers seeking an all-in-one CRM solution

Many past clients, like Samara, start with tools like Calendly and Honeybook but soon switch to Dubsado because they’re overwhelmed navigating different platforms. By setting up their Dubsado, we streamline their toolkit, reduce their monthly subscription costs, and elevate their client experience. 

If you’re ready to simplify your calendar, streamline your workflows, and show up at a whole new level of professionalism, then inquire today about a VIP Dubsado Experience!