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How To Review and Optimize Your Dubsado System

How To Review and Optimize Your Dubsado Setup

Stay on top of your Dubsado game and optimize your business with regular reviews

As the new year rolls in, it’s the perfect time to align your business operations with your evolving goals. 

Whether you’ve increased your prices or overhauled your services, these updates should be mirrored across all areas of your business, including Dubsado. 

And if you haven’t made any big changes? The new year is still a great opportunity to check on your Dubsado setup. Regular reviews make sure your workflows and processes still meet your needs and work effectively for your business and clients. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how to review your Dubsado workflows and determine if they need updating so your business continues to thrive and your clients keep coming back for more. 

Why Do I Need To Review My Dubsado Setup?

Let’s talk about why giving your Dubsado workflows a little TLC is important for your business. As your brand evolves, so should your workflows and processes so you can continue to excel in your business and offer an elevated client experience. 

Here are four main reasons why you should review your Dubsado workflows:

  1. Services Changes. When your business grows, your services inevitably change. These changes might be so gradual that you don’t notice. Regularly reviewing your Dubsado workflows ensures they stay up-to-date with your current offerings.
  2. Client Feedback. Client feedback is a goldmine for improving your Dubsado. The insights offered by your clients can help you decide if you need a longer review process, more detailed emails, or anything else that increases client happiness.
  3. Brand Understanding. Over time, your understanding of your own brand voice, identity, and strengths will increase. Small updates like rewriting canned emails or updating proposal images help to maintain brand consistency across every point of contact. 
  4. Workflow Fine-Tuning. Just like your services may evolve, your work processes might change also. Workflows that were efficient a year ago, may cause bottlenecks or redundancies today. Regular reviews of your Dubsado keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. 

Regularly reviewing your Dubsado workflows isn’t just about maintenance – it’s about keeping your business processes fresh, relevant, and in tune with your current needs. 

When Is It Time To Review My Dubsado Workflows?

Figuring out when to refresh your Dubsado setup is like knowing when to declutter your workspace – it often feels overdue by the time you get around to it. Here’s how to spot those moments of fine-tuning before it gets too chaotic:

When your business gets a major makeover: If you’ve introduced new services, new branding, or a new target audience, it’s the perfect time to ensure your Dubsado workflows reflect your business changes. 

When you get a lot of client feedback: If your clients frequently get stuck at one phase of a project or provide helpful feedback on your process, you may decide to incorporate their suggestions into your Dubsado. 

When your work balance hits a speedbump: If you’re manually tweaking workflows, spending too much time on admin tasks, or noting any bottlenecks, then it’s time to review and optimize your workflows. 

Think of these moments as an opportunity to elevate your entire business processes and ensure your Dubsado setup is doing what it does best – giving you more time to let you focus on your creative work. 

What Should I Review Before Updating My Dubsado?

Now that you know when to review your Dubsado setup, let’s talk about what to think about before you dive in. 

If you want a detailed Dubsado setup checklist, I have one for you, right here. But if you’re looking for help making edits and updating your setup, start by considering the following items:

  1. Reflect on testimonials and any feedback you’ve gathered from clients about your processes.
  2. Reflect on your processes and any places where there are delays or confusion.
  3. Reflect on your energy and any steps that are missing or feel unnecessary. 
  4. Reflect on any updates to your services, branding, or messaging. 

By pausing for a moment and creating a list of what updates need to be integrated into your Dubsado, you’ll have a clear path forward and won’t waste time once you log into your account. 

How Do I Update And Optimize My Dubsado System?

Updating your Dubsado system and workflows is a daunting task but breaking it down into manageable steps makes it easier to complete. Once you have your list of necessary updates (based on the reflection questions), follow this step-by-step guide to make the updates in your Dubsado system:

Step 1: Branding Consistency

Check that the logo, fonts, and colors in your Dubsado setup match your current branding. If you have new brand elements like photos or logos, ensure they’re updated across every touchpoint including proposals, questionnaires, invoices, and banners.

Step 2: Revising Services

Head to the Packages tab and review your service pricing and descriptions so they match any changes. You can also add any new services that you’ve created or remove old offerings. 

Step 3: Schedule Syncing

Next, check that your calendar is up-to-date including days and times you’re available for meetings and the length of each type of appointment. 

Step 4: Content Updates

This is a big step – it’s time to go through your proposals, forms, and canned emails to update any messaging. Remember to return to your client feedback if you need direction on what to change. 

Step 5: Workflow Revision

Now that you’ve updated your forms, emails, and packages, you need to reflect those changes in your workflows. Add, delete, or modify any workflow steps and apply your updated forms or emails as necessary.

Step 6: Clean Up

Once you revise your workflows, do one last check of your entire Dubsado system. This could involve following up with cold leads, archiving projects, or confirming all your invoices are paid. 


By following these steps, you set the stage for a smoother and more enjoyable work life where Dubsado helps your business succeed. 

And if you run into any issues as you review your setup? I’m here to help! Feel free to Book A Discovery Call to see how your Dubsado system feels and where you might need a little expert support.