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What Is A Good Client Experience + Why Is It Important For Your Biz?

What Is A Good Client Experience + Why Is It Important For Your Biz?

Keep clients, bring in more revenue, and stand out online with a good client experience

You’ve heard it before – client experience. It’s a common term in the business world but also an overwhelming concept. 

Is client experience the tools you use to keep your business running? Is it your response time to inquiries? Is it how beautifully designed and cohesive your forms are? 

Here’s the thing, your business isn’t just about a quick transaction and sealing deals. It’s about nurturing your clients, building meaningful relationships, and creating such a satisfying experience that your clients can’t help but sing your praises online. 

And the way to create this response in your clients? With a client experience that wows.

So, in this blog, we’re going to answer the question ‘What is a good client experience?’. And more than that, we’re going to let you know why client experience is so important for your business and how to start building an unforgettable one. 

Defining A Good Client Experience

Let’s dive into defining client experience and what sets a good client experience apart. 

Client experience refers to the interactions and relationships a client has with a business. This includes every touch point along their client journey, starting from the first moment of discovery through offboarding support and beyond. Client experience is not just the service you offer or the deliverables you provide. It encompasses the communication, connection, and interactions a client has with your business. 

Now, what makes a good client experience? It’s more than meeting basic expectations. 

A good client experience goes above and beyond. It aims to delight clients, leaving them with an overwhelmingly positive impression that fosters loyalty to the business. In other words, it’s about creating an experience that makes clients genuinely happy and eager to return.

Why Is Client Experience Important?

Since we know what client experience is, let’s talk about why client experience is important for your business’s success. Here are 4 compelling reasons why building a good client experience is essential. 
  1. Client Retention: It’s simple – happy clients are loyal clients. Studies show that 67% of consumers return to a business because of their exceptional client experience. This loyalty means you spend less time hunting for new leads.
  2. Increased Revenue: Loyal clients aren’t just repeat clients. They’re also more likely to buy your new offers or pay more for your services.  In fact, 67% of them are willing to do so because of the quality of your client experience.
  3. Word Of Mouth: Satisfied clients don’t keep their positive experiences to themselves. Research shows that around 86% of them happily refer businesses they trust to their family and friends which brings you new audiences of eager clients.
  4. Standing Out: In a crowded digital landscape of designers and copywriters, your client experience is a secret weapon for standing out. A remarkable 74% of consumers say they make purchasing decisions based solely on client experience.

How To Craft A Good Client Experience

Creating a good client experience is not a mind-boggling, elusive art. It’s a deliberate process that combines genuine care for your clients with strategic approaches. (And it’s something I can help you with in a Client Experience Intensive). Here are some elements every client experience should include: 


  • A simple process that makes it easy for your clients to pay invoices, communicate with you, and understand the next steps in their project process. 

*Client Experience Tip* Condense your proposal, contract, and invoice into one email so you don’t flood your client’s inbox with forms. 


  • Quick response times to show you value your client’s time and are eager to support them. 

*Client Experience Tip* Automate any emails you send regularly, like inquiry responses, paid invoice acknowledgments, and meeting reminders.


  • Clear communication that lays out the next steps, expectations, and timelines while answering any FAQs. 

*Client Experience Tip* Build a refined onboarding experience through your client portal so clients have easy access to all the information they need. 


  • Regular check-ins during your project and after your time together to reassure your clients and show you care about them long-term. 

*Client Experience Tip* Create workflows that allow for automatic check-in emails even after your project is completed. 


  • Little delights and personal touches that help your clients feel like more than a number. 

*Client Experience Tip* Make space for personalization in your canned emails or send a small post-project gift. 


Ways To Improve Your Client Experience

Building a good client experience might feel overwhelming, but it’s more like a continuous journey rather than an impossible task. 

To start, take a look at your current client experience. Begin by pinpointing hurdles, pain points, and places for improvement. 

After that, you’ll want to check your current systems and see what’s working for you. Do you use canned emails so no important information slips through the cracks? Are your workflows automated to save time and offer quick responses? Is your tool stack simplified so your clients don’t need to jump between multiple platforms? 

As a client experience expert and systems strategist, I help with all this in the Client Experience Intensive. And when we work together you don’t just get a good client experience. You get an exceptional one that your clients will never forget. 

Together, we’ll map out the ultimate journey for your clients. We’ll find ways to improve your client experience, simplify your systems, and create a step-by-step guide so you can give your clients a stellar experience. 

After working with me, copywriter Dani Paige went from having a ‘clunky client experience’ to ‘a great close rate with leads because my new process screens people well and follows up with a killer proposal experience.’ 

When working with a client experience expert, you’re not making random guesses at what your clients want. You’re actively changing how you serve them to ensure they always walk away feeling happy, satisfied, and excited to come back to you.