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Turn Online Business Challenges Into Easy Wins With Automation

Turn Online Business Challenges Into Easy Wins With Automation

Navigate online business hurdles with ease

How much of your work week is eaten up by surprise emails, impromptu meetings, and waiting for crucial information you need to kick off a project? 

Or what about those moments when work starts pouring in, and you have to balance multiple clients, contractors, and your little one staying home sick from school?


Launching that new VIP service, enrolling in a course, or baking up a storm on the weekend might seem like a distant dream when you’re caught in the whirlwind of daily biz operations. 

The life of an online business owner is no walk in the park – despite what Instagram might suggest. Yet, there is a magic wand that can turn exhausting tasks into manageable feats. 


Automation isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a genuine lifeline for small businesses. It’s all about reclaiming the hours lost to admin chores and channeling them into what counts: delivering top-notch work, boosting your ROI, and enjoying more freedom. 

So, in this blog, we’ll explore how Dubsado and automation eliminate some common challenges online business owners face, making your day-to-day less about stress and more about success. 

3 Common Challenges For Online Business Owners

It’s easy to think you’re the only one struggling to keep all business balls in the air. Trust me though, every entrepreneur has their share of battles to overcome.

Administrative Overload

Every successful online business requires a TON of administrative work. Scheduling meetings, generating invoices, and sending proposals can become quickly overwhelming and time-consuming, especially when done manually. 

Jeana of Soulful Brand Boutique called her admin work ‘a net-terms nightmare’ due to how much time she wasted emailing back and forth with clients and sending proposals, invoices, and calendar links. 

Similarly, Samara Bortz spent valuable hours pulling together contracts and invoices manually, instead of focusing on her design work. 

Making a few contracts or proposals per month might seem manageable, but it consumes your time, forcing you to sacrifice other tasks, joy, and freedom.

Client Management Mess

The balancing act of managing projects is challenging. It’s all about staying connected with clients while moving projects forward. But without a system in place, chances are something will slip through the cracks. That’s exactly what was happening to Rachel Linder, a photographer. 

With a newborn at home and photography projects in the pipeline, Rachel struggled to stay on top of communication and keep her projects organized. She was swamped, feeling the pressure, and worried that her clients would view her as unreliable which might lead to losing them altogether. 

It’s one thing for your to-do list to eat into your downtime, but when it starts impacting client relations and your professional image? That’s a clear sign that a change is needed. 

Confusing Work Processes

Workflows – they’re what keep everything moving forward for online businesses. ‘Cause when there’s no clear plan or process in place, things can get out of control. 

Dani Paige, a copywriter, was ready to up her game with a shiny new $5k pricing for her services while creating a program for newbie copywriters. But…her onboarding was a jumble of steps locked in her head (not in a system) which led to a lot of wasted time running in circles. Dani knew that since her clients were paying top dollar, her ‘client experience needed to reflect that cost!’

Then there’s Rose, the CEO of Z Domus Design, trying to manage a whole team of designers. Rose recognized that she was the bottleneck in her business because she couldn’t be in all places, answering all questions, and checking off all tasks on her own. She needed a process that her team members could take on and repeat.

Stories like Dani and Rose show that business challenges come in all shapes and sizes, from just starting to scaling sustainably.  

How Automation Is The Solution To Online Business Challenges

Automation is your go-to tool for bringing back calm and control to your online business, cutting through admin burdens and client mayhem.

Scheduler + Invoice Generator

Let’s start with the most simple way Dubsado’s automation capabilities can take admin tasks off your plate: scheduling meetings and creating invoices. 

With Dubsado, setting your meeting schedule is a breeze. You have total control over your availability – how long meetings are, which days and times are up for grabs, and even how many meetings you want in a day. 

Then there’s the invoicing part. Forget the days of copying and pasting an invoice template while worrying about missing a decimal number or outdated info. Dubsado automates this process, sending out customized invoices, tailored to the specifics of your project. 

Jeana and Samara saw real changes after bringing these Dubsado features into their businesses. Jeana knew she had ‘a legitimate business operations on the backend!’ that she could be proud of, while Samara, ‘gained hours back each week – precious time I can devote to moving the needle forward in  my business.’

Lead Tracking + Canned Emails

Picture this: All your client details and interactions neatly organized in one spot. Forget the days of jumping between apps or sifting through a mountain of emails to track down whether you’ve sent out that intro pack or updated your star client on their project status.

By weaving together a seamless lead inquiry system and setting up automated emails in Dubsado, you’re always in the know. Your clients and potential leads get the deets they need without delay.

This means you’re not just keeping leads warm; you’re guiding them straight to booking with you, ASAP.

For Rachel, her lead inquiry workflow was her favorite part of her Dubsado setup. She said, ‘The ease in which I’m able to send out information and get couples booked has been the BIGGEST game-changer.’

Workflows + Client Experience

So, thanks to automation we’ve gained hours back into your week and turned almost-missed opportunities into solid bookings. Now comes the cherry on top: creating a memorable and repeatable client experience that keeps everyone happy. 

Enter workflows.

Workflows give you a smooth, repeatable, and flexible process that works for your efficiency and your client’s expectations.

Take Dani for example. Her bookings went through the roof because she nailed the onboarding experience. And Rose? We turned her dream client experience into a tangible system her whole team could follow. 

Overcoming Online Business Challenges With Automation

At the end of the day, automation isn’t just about making things easier for you. It’s about creating an elevated journey for everyone – you, your team, and your clients. 

Remember, every step you automate, every workflow you perfect, and every client experience you enhance, contributes to a stronger, more resilient, and more profitable online business.

And to get you started on the path of automation, I have a freebie for you!

Learn how to automate your new inquiry process so hot leads receive all the details and booking info they need, even while you’re enjoying all your free time. 

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