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Becoming A Dubsado Certified Specialist + Client Experience Strategist

Becoming A Dubsado Certified Specialist + Client Experience Strategist

From corporate finance to crafting client success stories

If you’ve been around here a minute or two, then you know I’m all about creating an elevated client experience that keeps your calendar filled and using automation to experience more ease in your business. 

But how did I become an expert in these realms? 

Let’s rewind to the start of my journey into becoming a Dubsado Certified Specialist and Client Experience Strategist. 

My path to entrepreneurship is pretty similar to a lot of other business owners out there. While I started in the corporate world, working a steady 9-5 as an account manager in Canada’s finance industry, my growing family made me question if the corporate climb was right for me. 

After my first child, I tried to shake things up by becoming a headhunter – hoping a career switch would bring more balance to my life. It wasn’t until my second child that I decided to leap into the unknown waters of entrepreneurship with consulting. 

That leap wasn’t about change. It was about creating a life where work didn’t just pay the bills but also brought freedom, joy, and time to be with my family. 

And of course, once you’ve dipped a toe into entrepreneurship, it’s a never-ending journey of ups, downs, lessons, and exploration.  

Shifting to entrepreneurship and consulting

When launching my business, I started as a one-stop shop for other consultants looking to get organized. I did everything from whipping up presentation decks to managing invoices, developing courses to developing business strategies. 

My goal? To make sure these busy businesses had everything they needed to run smoothly. Of course that also meant setting them up with the best tools – customer relationship managers, project management software, you name it – to streamline their work. 

I did more than offer advice. I rolled up my sleeves and dove into their business operations to turn plans into action. It was about providing a level of support that could really change the game for these companies while giving more balance to their lives.  

Becoming a Dubsado Certified Specialist

Discovering Dubsado was like hitting the jackpot for business efficiency. It all started when a client threw me a challenge: find the best CRM for their business. Salesforce? Hubspot? Honeybook? 17hats? I looked at them all. But Dubsado stood out for its automation skills and its cost. 

Diving into Dubsado was a bit like learning a new language – one that promised smoother operations, more free time, and happier customers. However, I quickly realized how Dubsado could transform a business as I learned each feature. 

And when it came to making things official with the Dubsado Certified Specialist label? I’ve jumped through all the hoops with hard exams, case studies, and full setups. 

Yet, staying certified is a no-brainer for me.  

Despite the work re-certifying as a Dubsado Specialist takes, It’s a way for me to ensure I’m on top of all Dubsado’s updates and changes so that I can provide top-notch service to my clients.

Scaling into client experience strategy

Expanding into client experience strategy wasn’t just a pivot in my services, it was a natural response to my client’s needs. 

In 2023, I noticed a trend: more and more clients were asking for advice on how to refine their client experience. They had questions, a lot of them, about structuring their experience to do more than meet needs but to exceed expectations. And while I offered insight during Process Mapping Sessions, it became clear that this area deserved its own spotlight. 

This is why I added an entire hour into my Dubsado VIP Week process specifically focused on client experience strategy. 

We dive deep into the heart of their business from client interactions to workflow management, pinpointing where things could run smoother, where clients might feel lost or overwhelmed, and how to eliminate these pain points. 

During these sessions, we:

  • Identify Bottlenecks: Finding the hold-ups in your processes and clearing them.
  • Solve Problems: Brainstorming solutions for every step of your operations. 
  • Elevate Experience: Making your customer journey memorable and enjoyable. 

This shift toward prioritizing client experience strategy was driven by a simple belief – exceptional client experience isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a must for any business looking to scale and retain happy clients. 

By including this focus in my VIP Week, I help businesses transform their operational efficiency with tools like Dubsado as well as how they’re perceived and experienced by their clients. 

Overcoming challenges for a clear future

I can’t lie, shifting my business to only focus on Dubsado in the early days was pretty nerve-racking.

I had to find new clients, learn the ins and outs of Dubsado, and understand how other businesses operated – all while managing my life as a mom to two. There were a lot of late nights spent exploring Dubsado to see what it could and couldn’t do. 

During this first phase of my business, I also took on multiple projects at once each with a 4-6 week timeline. Jumping from one client to another was challenging for my mental energy and focus. So, I decided to switch it up. 

Changing to a VIP Week model meant I could focus entirely on one client at a time to deliver faster and more fine-tuned results while providing in-depth support. 

Those early challenges were invaluable not only because they shaped my approach to business and client service, but because I see this journey reflected in so many of my clients. 

So, if you’re looking for a Dubsado Certified Specialist or Client Experience Strategist who’s been through the ups and downs of refining their own systems, then I’m right here. Head over to my services page to see how we can work together to elevate your processes and help your business thrive!