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Choosing The Right CRM: Dubsado vs. Top Alternatives

Choosing The Right CRM: Dubsado vs. Top Alternatives

Dubsado, Honeybook, 17hats, Moxie…what’s the best CRM for your business?

If you’re a copywriter or designer running an online business, picking the right Client Relationship Manager (CRM) is crucial. A CRM helps you keep track of everything about your clients, from contact information to invoices to project statuses. It’s like a virtual assistant working for you 24/7 ensuring no clients slip through the cracks. 

So, you know you need a CRM for your business but are you wondering what CRM to choose? Then this post is for you. And if you’re still figuring out if you need a CRM, check out my blog on the 8 Signs Your Business Is Ready For A CRM. 

But before we start comparing the top CRMs, there are a few things to reflect on to help you find the right CRM for your business. 

  1. What requirements or standards exist in your industry? If you’re a brand designer, then you’ll want a CRM that lets your branding shine in your proposals, forms, and client portal. If you’re a copywriter, you’ll want a CRM that makes it easy to personalize your communication with your clients. 
  2. Where is your business headed in the next few years? If your business is a side hustle and staying a side hustle, your CRM doesn’t need to be as powerful as a business that juggles multiple clients and team members. 

As a Dubsado Pro, I have an obvious favorite. But let’s see Dubsado compares to top alternatives like 17hats, Moxie, and Honeybook. In this blog, we’ll explore each one’s unique features and pricing to see how they may fit into your business. 

A note for coaches with group programs: unfortunately, none of these CRMs are ideal for managing recurring meetings but there are workarounds I can set up!

Dubsado vs. 17hats: The Basic CRM

17hats is a straightforward CRM ideal for small business owners swamped with admin tasks. But how does it compare to Dubsado? 


17hats offers automated workflows for sending emails and creating to-do lists, but Dubsado takes it further. With Dubsado, you can automatically generate invoices, send reminders, deliver schedulers, and update project statuses to keep everything on track. 

However, 17hats’ simple features make it easier for beginners to learn and set up without help. 


While 17hats’ monthly essential plan is the most affordable option, its premier plan costs more than Dubsado’s with fewer features. Especially once you use my affiliate link to save 30% on one year of Dubsado!


17hats suits new business owners or part-time entrepreneurs who need an affordable and easy-to-setup CRM. But as your business grows and you need more customization or capabilities, Dubsado is the better choice. 

Winner: Dubsado if you plan on growing your side hustle into a full-fledged business.

Dubsado vs. Moxie: The Newcomer CRM

Moxie, a new player in the CRM market, caters to freelancers and contractors who frequently collaborate with other entrepreneurs. Let’s see how it stacks up against Dubsado.


Both Moxie and Dubsado can send proposals, schedule meetings, and create automated workflows. However, Moxie has the added benefit of allowing project collaboration (task assignment, feedback, and updates) within the app. 

Where Moxie falls short is in its ability to customize forms and create advanced workflows that ease your workload. 


One of Moxie’s advantages is its affordability. It currently has one pricing option which matches Dubsado’s starter plan.


Like with 17hats, choosing between Moxie and Dubsado depends on your business journey. If you plan on turning your freelancing gig into a growing small business, then you likely need the more robust features Dubsado offers. 


Once again, Dubsado is the better CRM for small businesses that value customization or plan to scale in the future.

Dubsado vs Honeybook: The Big CRM Showdown

Here it is, the two most popular CRMs for online businesses: Dubsado and Honeybook. Each has its unique strengths and areas of focus, so let’s compare them.


Honeybook and Dubsado have similar core features like proposals, invoices, and client portals. However, their key differences lie in the specifics. 

Dubsado shines with its customizable forms and advanced workflows, allowing for a more tailored approach to client management. Honeybook, on the other hand, emphasizes file management and collaboration which is particularly useful for event-based businesses.


Dubsado and Honeybook have similar pricing plans but Honeybook has an additional higher tier for in-depth customer support. 


The choice between Dubsado and Honeybook largely depends on your business type and your interest in customization. If you only need a straightforward CRM that offers more features than 17hats or Moxie, then Honeybook is the right choice. However, Dubsado’s more advanced workflows and customization will strengthen your overall client experience and the scalability of your business. 


Once again, Dubsado is the winner for most small business owners willing to invest in a comprehensive system setup. The one exception is event-based service providers like event planners or wedding photographers, where Honeybook comes out ahead.

Comparing Dubsado with its top CRM alternatives

Switching from another CRM and setting up your Dubsado might initially feel overwhelming. But with the right support (which I provide!), it’s a valuable investment that grows with your business. 

Just ask my past client Samara Bortz!

Samara came to me after switching from Honeybook to Dubsado because she needed more robust capabilities to onboard her design clients. Setting up Dubsado herself was time-consuming, so she teamed up with me for a Dubsado VIP Week

Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

‘Setting up systems wasn’t high on my priority list but then I realized the inefficiencies in my business were negatively impacting my revenue. Using Dubsado as a manual invoice system was a huge waste of time and waste of money. 

In my VIP Week with Martine, she expertly automated every step of my long client process, created on-brand forms, and gave me the tools to feel comfortable using Dubsado on my own. 

I know I will gain HOURS back into my week – precious time I can devote to moving the needle forward in my business.’

So, if you’re ready to make the switch to Dubsado then I’m here to support you. Reach out now to book a Discovery Call!