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Unplug, Unwind, And Prep Your Business For Vacation With Dubsado

Unplug, Unwind, And Prep Your Business For Vacation With Dubsado

Pack Your Bags (Not Your Work) By Prepping Your Business For Vacation

Picture this: You’re at Disneyland, kids buzzing with excitement about getting that picture-perfect moment with Mickey. But you’re tucked away in a corner, answering emails on your phone instead of basking in the magic. 

Or maybe you’re spending the summer at your family’s cabin and want to enjoy time on the lake without pausing your income completely. But how do you balance scheduling calls and communication with clients with ski-doo rides and campfires?  

Whether it’s 5 days or 5 months, your vacation deserves to be yours. No emails, calls, or to-do lists (unless you want them!)

This year, my family is taking a two-week vacation to the Dominican Republic. And we’re leaving our laptops behind. Since we rarely take long vacations, it’s important for us to unplug and spend quality time together as a family. 

So, how am I disconnecting from my business for weeks without losing out on opportunities, clients, and cash flow? 

By using Dubsado to prep my business for vacation.

Let’s dive into the details about how you can set it up to enjoy your own stress-free getaway.

**TOP TIP: The moment you book your trip, block off the dates in your work calendar to avoid rescheduling any calls or projects.** 

Coast Into Vacation Mode By Prepping Your Business

Before you set your auto-responder and officially switch into vacation mode, there are a few things to consider to ensure your business runs smoothly while you’re away. Taking the time to plan makes all the difference between a restful vacation and one that keeps you tethered to your inbox. 

Here’s what to reflect on:

  • How long are you away for?
  • Do you plan to work, have calls, or check emails while you’re away?
  • Do you want to leave your laptop at home?
  • Do you have any ongoing projects?

These answers will shape how you set up your Dubsado during your vacation so keep them in mind as you read this blog.  

Keep Your Projects Moving (While You Move Down To The Beach)

Update Your Existing Dubsado Workflows

Before you pack your sunscreen, take a moment to tweak your Dubsado workflows for any ongoing projects. This will keep your projects humming smoothly, even when your out-of-office is on. 

First up, review the existing workflows for each client. If you’ve rescheduled a call or adjusted a timeline due to your trip, update any connected reminders. If you use ‘approve action’ in your workflows, update the connected tasks and remove the button so your workflows continue automatically. Or, if you offer post-project support and want to pause this activity, just hit ‘pause’ on your workflow! When you’re back, a quick click will get them going again. 

Don’t forget to give your existing clients plenty of notice about changes to your schedule and availability. This heads-up helps manage expectations and keeps your communication clear and professional.  

Create A Custom Vacation Inquiry Workflow

Not letting emails interrupt your beach time doesn’t mean shutting down new opportunities. Be sure to set up a custom vacation inquiry workflow in Dubsado that fits your away-from-office plans. You can simply duplicate your existing inquiry workflow and update it to suit your vacation schedule.

(Don’t have an inquiry workflow yet? Then download my free tutorial on how to set one up!)

Setting up these workflows allows you to relax, knowing your business is still responsive to potential clients while you’re enjoying that ocean breeze…or margarita. 

In the next few sections, we’ll go over what edits you should make to your vacation inquiry workflow. 

Turn On ‘Do Not Disturb’ With A Vacation Response Message

When you’re kicking back on a lounge chair or spinning in a teacup, the last thing you want is your phone buzzing every five minutes. Setting up a vacation response message in Dubsado, and outside of it in your regular email, lets you stay in the moment without leaving your clients in the dark. 

But, instead of sending a generic out-of-office email to new leads, structure your inquiry workflow to keep them warm while you’re away. Your first move is to update your ‘Send Appointment Scheduler’ message  (aka your auto-response email to new inquiries) with helpful next steps. Here’s a sample message you might consider: 

Hey there! Thanks so much for reaching out about {what you do}. 

I’m currently on vacation soaking up some much-needed sun in Mexico/eating every type of pasta in Italy/wrangling my children at Disneyland/{insert your vacation plans} and will be back on {date you return to work}. 

I’ll review your inquiry when I’m back, but if you’re eager to get things rolling, feel free to book a call for when I return. 

{add scheduler smart field} 

Can’t wait to chat!’

Don’t forget to update your regular email as well! Setting up an out-of-office message in Gmail covers all your bases, keeps potential leads warm, and lets you enjoy your downtime. 

Adjust Your Schedule To Make Time For Sunsets, Not Meetings

When prepping for a vacation, especially across different time zones, tweaking your scheduler in Dubsado is a must. Here are my top tips for taking (or not taking) calls while you’re away!

If you’re not taking calls during your vacation: 

  • Block off the days you’re away on your scheduler 
  • Increase the rolling day window in your schedulers

If you’re taking calls during your vacation:

  • Change your time zone to your new location before sending a scheduler
  • Think about whether you’ll have reliable wi-fi or a quiet spot to chat

With these tips, you’ll be ready to dip your toes in the sand and enjoy those stunning sunsets because your scheduler has your back! 

Splurge On The Massage Because You’re Getting Paid While On Vacay

Before you hit the airport, check that all your payment workflows and reminders in Dubsado are ready. Automated invoicing means your clients get the reminder they need, and you get to enjoy that extra cocktail by the beach, funded by the work you passed off to Dubsado. 

If you haven’t set up payment plans and invoicing yet in Dubsado, check out my blog that breaks down all the different options to help you get paid on time, without having to write awkward ‘late payment’ emails! 

Set, Prep, and Forget Your Business While On Vacation

There you have it – how to keep your business running smoothly while you recharge on vacation. 

From setting up vacation response messages that keep you connected (while you disconnect) to adjusting your schedule so you can enjoy every sunset, Dubsado makes sure your vacation is restful. And don’t forget, while you’re indulging in that well-deserved massage, your business is still earning thanks to automated payments!

Ready to make your next vacation truly work-free? 

Then grab my ‘Automate Your Inquiry’ freebie. It’s packed with step-by-step instructions on how to set up Dubsado to handle your new inquiries.