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7 Dubsado Automations For Copywriter Productivity

7 Dubsado Automations Every Copywriter Needs For Peak Productivity

How Dubsado Can Boost Your Copywriting Productivity

What does your typical day look like as a copywriter?

  • Your morning might start with you responding to inquiries while crossing your fingers that the leads reviewed your copywriting packages (and prices!). 
  • You switch gears and jump on a Kickoff Call with a client to try and piece together scattered details about their voice, services, and audience. 
  • By the afternoon, you’re deep into crafting compelling web copy…but hit a block when you realize you haven’t received feedback on a draft yet. 

To write high-quality copy, you need to be laser-focused. Not hopping between projects, bogged down by repetitive tasks, or stalled by missing information. Imagine the copy you could create if tasks like follow-up emails, deadline reminders, and client management were handled for you. 

This is where Dubsado steps in with smart automations that let you zero in on writing captivating copy for your clients. 

Ready to learn how? 

The Key To Becoming A More Productive Copywriter

How can a copywriter be more productive in their everyday? Simple – let Dubsado streamline your workflows. 

From collecting essential information through questionnaires to keeping projects on track with automated deadline reminders, think of Dubsado as your ultimate efficiency partner. With Dubsado managing the everyday tasks that don’t need your creative touch, you’re free to pour your energy into creating high-quality copy for your clients. 

Curious how Dubsado’s automations can help you have a more productive approach to your copywriting business? Then read on the 7 specific ways this tool can improve your copywriting workflows. 

7 Dubsado Automations For Peak Copywriting Productivity

1. Streamline Your Inquiries With A Detailed Lead Capture Form

A detailed lead capture form (aka contact form) is a game-changer for knowing exactly what your leads want from the get-go. When you have a tailored intake form, you’ll be better prepared for your Discovery Calls and can create a more personalized interaction with your new leads. 

After working together and refining her intake process, copywriter Dani Page said, ‘I have a great close rate with leads because my new process screens people and then follows up with a killer proposal experience!’  

2. Save Time With Canned Emails That Speak In Your Voice

Picture this: spending less time on your client emails but still hitting the mark with every send. That’s what well-crafted canned emails offer you! Pre-written emails for routine correspondence mean no more rewriting the same email 348,687 times. 

And let’s face it, as a copywriter, maintaining your brand voice and polished writing style is incredibly important. With canned emails, you ensure high-quality communication across all client interactions.

If you’re worried about losing that personal touch with canned emails, don’t be! There are a few tricks to infusing some personal details into all your communications.  

3. Kickstart Projects Faster With A Strategic Onboarding Process

Nothing beats hitting the ground running. And with a strategic onboarding process, you can do just that. 

Before diving into the creative side of your work as a copywriter, you need all the details from your clients about their brand guidelines, services, and voice preferences. But gathering that information can include a lot of back-and-forth emails that waste time. 

With intentional onboarding forms (and automated reminders), you’ll minimize email clutter, spend less time chasing information, and get your projects moving faster! 

4. Keep Copywriting Projects On Track With An Automated Revisions System

Say goodbye to the chaos of tracking client feedback manually and hello to the smooth sailing of an automated revisions system. This automation isn’t just about getting copy revisions done faster – it’s about making it easy for your clients to chime in with their thoughts and helpful feedback. 

By combining a mix of forms and canned emails, you can set clear expectations for your clients, advise them on how best to give feedback and keep your projects on schedule. 

Kristin Overly, an SEO copywriter, says that after we mapped out her client journey and created automated workflows for her services, she’s ‘cut the amount of time I spend on managing projects in half!’  

5. Centralize All Your Project Essentials With The Client Portal

Bring simplicity to your project management with a client portal that keeps everything in one accessible place. It’s your one-stop shop for all documents related to your projects – from invoices and emails to copywriting drafts. 

Ditch the frantic search through emails for payment information and resending Google Drive links. Everything is right where you need it, making life easier for you and your clients.  

6. Harness Client Feedback With Automatic Testimonial Gathering

As a copywriter, you know testimonials are key for refining your messaging and boosting your brand’s credibility. But asking for feedback at the end of a project? It can feel awkward and get pushed to the backburner.  

By automating your offboarding workflows, Dubsado will take care of feedback requests so you don’t have to. 

Copywriter Isobel Griffin experienced this first-hand, ‘I felt pushy sending follow-up emails asking for testimonials, but now it happens automatically and I get such great feedback from clients that I would’ve missed out on otherwise!’ 

7. Create New Opportunities With Proactive Cross-Selling

What if you could maintain a steady flow of work without relying on acquiring new clients every single month? Your past clients might just be the solution – after all, they already know you, trust you, and love your work! Proactive cross-selling is a way to continue nurturing that relationship. 

With automated check-ins, you can remind your past clients that you’re still around to help them with future copywriting needs. Add in a referral perk, tempting discount, or exclusive retainer offer to keep them coming back for more.  

Reach New Levels Of Productivity In Your Copywriting Business

There you have it! Seven powerful ways Dubsado’s automations can make your life as a copywriter easier, more productive, and more enjoyable! From wrangling feedback to maintaining high-quality communication, Dubsado has your back. 

When you’re ready to boost your copywriting productivity, then I’m here to give you the tools, strategies, and setup to support you!