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Feeling scattered while managing your interior design business?

Managing an interior design business is a major undertaking. Especially when your tools and systems don’t align with your big ambitions. 

That was the reality for Christie, the founder of Curated Home Designs

Before working together, Christie used various management tools (like Honeybook and Asana) and found support through The Interior Design Standarda program that helps interior designers elevate their business models. Yet, despite these resources, none of Christie’s systems were fully optimized, leaving her feeling more disorganized than in control. 

But something clicked when Christie saw how smoothly things ran at a colleague’s design business. They had a sleek onboarding process complete with coded questionnaires and on-brand forms. After seeing the systems in action, Christie said, ‘I instantly felt the professional presence and wanted that for my client experience!’  

When she discovered this colleague had worked with me to set up her systems during a Dubsado VIP Week, Christie knew it was time to inquire herself! 

A clunky process that didn’t match her interior design experience

While Christie’s old onboarding process technically worked, it added more tasks to her already overflowing plate. Here’s a quick snapshot of what her onboarding workflow looked like:

  • A client would visit her website and complete a basic inquiry form to schedule a Discovery Call.
  • Christie would meet with them to chat about their project and get to know one another.
  • Once the project was a go, Christie would find a kickoff day that worked for everyone, manually schedule the call, and send out a calendar invite.
  • If memory served, she’d send a reminder email the day before the project started.

Sure, Honeybook tracked where each project was in the pipeline, but the system didn’t reflect the high-end, professional image Christie sought. The forms were bland and the manual scheduling was time-consuming. This meant Christie spent more time managing schedules than designing.  

To meet her clients’ expectations, deliver an unforgettable experience, and position her interior design business as a standout in the industry, Christie needed a change.

And that change was automation.  

Unifying her interior design business management tools

When Christie reached out, ready to revamp her interior design business management, we started by diving deep into what she wanted her client processes to look like. 

The first order of business was detailing every step of her client journey and mapping out workflows. Since Christie had gone through The Standard, she had clear processes in mind but needed them implemented and automated to create a seamless experience for her clients. 

With the roadmap in place, I got to work setting up her Dubsado and tailoring it to her business!

This meant designing custom forms that matched her brand and writing friendly yet professional canned emails. Building efficient schedulers and workflows came next, with every step meticulously tested before Christie used them with her clients. 

But we didn’t stop there. 

The Interior Design Standard had provided Christie with Asana boards to help her manage her projects. And while she found the resource valuable, it didn’t fit with her new Dubsado setup.

So, I got to work removing duplicate steps and eliminating anything Dubsado could handle automatically. The goal? To make all of Christie’s tools and systems work together efficiently.  

The step-by-step breakdown

Here’s a look at what we accomplished by automating Christie’s interior design business during our VIP Week:
  • Set up Dubsado for 3 signature interior design services 
  • Mapped out 233 steps (forms, emails, reminders, meetings) across her services
  • Automated 206 of those steps – that’s 88%!
  • Created 77 email templates, 21 form templates, and 15 scheduler templates
  • Organized and integrated her Asana boards into her processes to make project management more efficient

What does all this mean for Christie’s business management and client experience?

  1. Christie’s client experience is branded, organized, and seamless so she can offer her clients a high-quality and professional experience. 
  2. Christie is saving around 4 hours per week now that she doesn’t have to write emails, schedule meetings, customize forms, or track projects herself.
  3. Instead of hiring an administrative assistant, Christie is looking to hire another interior designer to help her scale her business.

Hear Christie’s thoughts on the transformation:

 "It’s only been a few weeks since I switched from Honeybooks to the system Martine created in Dubsado and I already see an ROI. The appointment reminders, the automated emails… it’s beautiful and I LOVE IT!"

Bringing it all together to automate her interior design business

In just a few weeks, Christie experienced a dramatic shift in how her interior design business operates. 

Integrating Dubsado, adding in automations, and optimizing Asana has saved Christie significant time managing her business and elevated the level of professionalism her clients enjoy when working with her. Her journey from mismatched systems to complete clarity shows just how much potential lies in automating and streamlining your business processes. 

If you’re tired of the manual grind and jumping between systems that don’t speak to each other, consider following Christie’s footsteps and reach out today. 

I’ve spent years honing my skills in systems organization and client experience, and I’ve got my own processes down to a science. But don’t worry, my Dubsado VIP Week isn’t about copying what works for me – it’s all about figuring out what works best for you, your clients, and your business vision. 

All you have to do to get started is book your free Discovery Call! 

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