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6 Key Tasks Dubsado Can Simplify For Interior Designers

6 Key Tasks Dubsado Can Simplify For Interior Designers

Creating ease for interior design studios through Dubsado

The role of an interior designer is so much more than creating aesthetically pleasing spaces for their clients. It’s about juggling team members and client meetings, keeping track of long project timelines with multiple stages, and coordinating a myriad of moving pieces. 

The average day could see you finalizing a design concept and ordering furniture while a backlog of invoices, client meetings, and team members wait to be organized. 

This is where Dubsado shines

Dubsado is like having the ultimate personal assistant who knows your business better than you do. It knows every client, every meeting, and every stage of every project. 

And it doesn’t take vacations. 

Dubsado makes the overwhelming task of managing several projects and team members easy. Sending invoices, scheduling meetings, and following up with clients – these essential tasks become simpler and less time-consuming. 

In this blog, we explore all the ways Dubsado helps interior designers like you. From booking consultations to getting approval on designs, we’re covering how this tool can transform your day-to-day operations, no matter how big or small your design studio is. 

6 key tasks Dubsados simplifies for all service providers

As a client relationship manager, Dubsado streamlines administrative tasks for online service providers. The most common ways to use Dubsado, no matter your industry, include:

  1. Lead Tracking and Intake. Using Dubsado’s lead capture form, you can create a workflow that automatically responds to new inquiries. This means you’ll book consult calls or land projects with clients even while you’re relaxing on the beach. Plus, you can track exactly where your leads come from to help optimize your marketing efforts.
  2. Client Onboarding. Dubsado provides a seamless process for officially bringing new clients into your business. From automating email responses to creating proposal packages that make it easy for clients to sign contracts and pay invoices, you’ll have projects ready to start in a few clicks of a button.
  3. Invoice Generation and Management. Creating and sending invoices is a breeze with Dubsado. The system not only automates invoice creation based on your services and rates but also tracks payments and sends reminders to clients to ensure you’re paid on time. Plus, there’s an ACH option if you’re in the US and use Stripe to bring your processor fees down to a maximum of  $5 per payment.
  4. Scheduling Appointments. Dubsado’s scheduling system syncs with your calendar to allow clients to book appointments based on your real-time availability. This feature reduces the hassle of manual scheduling and prevents accidental double-bookings.
  5. Automated Communication. Consistent communication is important in any business but you have better things to do than live in your inbox. Whether it’s follow-up emails, appointment reminders, or essential project steps, Dubsado’s automated emails help your clients receive critical information on time.
  6. Workflow Automation. The feature that makes the biggest difference in streamlining your processes is Dubsado’s automated workflows. Once set up, your projects move from one stage to the next while you’re busy actually doing your client work. 

6 key tasks Dubsados simplifies for interior designers

When it comes to interior designers, Dubsado can be set up to offer specific support based on your studio needs and the services you offer. Six of the tasks I’ve set up for other interior designers include:
  1. Delivering Aesthetic Forms and Proposals. Whether in real life or the digital space, appearance matters in your industry. Dubsado allows you to create forms, questionnaires, guides, and proposals that are functional and align with your brand’s aesthetic. That way, every client interaction reflects your eye for design.
  2. Managing Team Schedules. While Dubsado is aimed at solopreneurs, don’t worry – it can still be adapted to fit a team dynamic. In fact, I’ve set up Dubsado for both solo designers and big interior design studios.*

    Z Domus Designs
    needed a system that worked for their entire team but was still highly customizable to their services. Which is exactly what I created for them!

  3. Scheduling Regular Client Check-Ins. Long-term design projects often need multiple check-ins with clients. By using Dubsado’s scheduling feature (with automatic meeting reminders), you’ll stay in regular contact with your clients to maintain project momentum and client satisfaction.
  4. Booking Paid Consultations. If you offer one-time consultations in addition to longer design projects, Dubsado simplifies the booking process. You can create a system that lets clients view your availability, book a time, and pay for your consultation in one automated workflow.

    This is what I set up for Color and Crown! A one-woman interior design studio that offers both in-home design consultations and full-service design projects.

  5. Facilitating Client Approval. Getting client approval on mood boards and design concepts is critical to keeping your projects moving forward. Using Dubsado questionnaires, you can share your project deliverables and gather feedback without sending multiple follow-up emails.
  6. Creating An Item Selection Catalogue. On top of providing feedback, Dubsado can be used as an item selection catalogue for your clients. By featuring different design elements or products and asking clients to check the items they’d like to purchase, Dubsado can streamline the selection process and make it less overwhelming for your clients. 
Incorporating Dubsado into your interior design business isn’t just about streamlining your administrative tasks. It’s about creating an elevated and enjoyable client experience that helps you become the go-to designer for your audience. 

Understanding Dubsado for interior designers

Before working together, Rose from Z Domus Designs worried there would be a disconnect between the system I created and what she needed because I’m not an interior designer. But that distance is actually what helps me create an elevated system that works for your business!

During our process mapping call, I get to hear the vision you have for your business and the important steps that make up your creative projects. Then, I pull in my client experience expertise to bring that vision to life through flexible, systematic, and efficient workflows.

In the end, Rose received a Dubsado setup that worked for her highly customizable services and team and gave her more time to dive into design work. 

If you’re ready to simplify your processes so you can get back to the creative design work you love, then reach out now to book your VIP Dubsado Experience!