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Can I Invoice International Clients With Different Currencies In Dubsado?

Can I Invoice International Clients With Different Currencies In Dubsado?

How To Navigate (And Simplify) Charging Clients In Other Countries

As an online service provider, you have the thrilling opportunity to connect and help clients around the globe. One day you could line up your first European project while another day you could see an influx of inquiries from the U.S. 

Knowing how to invoice international clients allows you to embrace clients from every time zone without missing a beat – because nothing should get in the way of you delivering your services worldwide. 

When I started my business, I invoiced everyone in Canadian dollars. It just seemed simpler. But as my business evolved and more American business owners came to me, only billing in CAD didn’t make sense anymore. So, I shifted gears and started invoicing my U.S. clients in USD while billing Canadian clients in their local currency. 

Sticking to one currency might feel comfortable, but it’s not always good for business. You risk losing potential clients who prefer to pay in their local currency or alienating those who don’t want to shoulder hefty currency conversion fees. 

And let’s not forget – when your billing currency doesn’t match your expenses, the unfavorable exchange rates can put a dent in your profits. Don’t worry, though! I’m here to walk you through how to set up your Dubsado for international clients. 

In this blog, we’ll cover what to consider before switching and some of Dubsado’s limitations. And, I’ll even share exactly how I set up my workflows to invoice in multiple currencies. 

Let’s get to it! 

When Should I Start Invoicing International Clients In Their Currency?

When it comes to changing the currency you charge in, there is no right or wrong decision. It’s a strategic choice you have to make as a business owner about what best serves you and your clients. 

If you’re thinking about switching currencies, start by getting a clear picture of your client base. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • How many clients do I have in other countries?
  • Which countries do most of my clients live in?
  • What is the exchange rate between my country and theirs?
  • How important is local currency pricing to my clients?

For example, as a Canadian business owner, I know that many other Canadians appreciate CAD pricing. That’s why, even when I introduced USD as an option to accommodate my growing American clientele, I retained CAD pricing for my Canadian clients.

Remember, there’s no rush to offer invoicing in multiple currencies from day one. As your business evolves, you’ll naturally discover the best approach to meet both your needs and your clients.  

What Should I Consider Before Invoicing In Multiple Currencies?

Deciding to invoice in multiple currencies is a big change. It’s smart to consider how it will impact your business. Here are a few things to mull over:

First, have a chat with your accountant or bookkeeper. You’ll want to understand any potential changes in taxes, and banking fees, and how it could complicate your accounting practices. Plus, you’ll need to create a bank account in any of the currencies you start to invoice in.

Next, consider the client experience. Think about how currency choices might alter your audience’s perception of your business. Are you making things easier for them? Are your prices competitive and fair in their currency? These questions will help you create a positive experience for your clients.  

Last, transparency is key. Make sure your pricing (and currencies!) are clearly outlined on your website, in pricing guides, and during conversations with clients. This openness builds trust and prevents any misunderstandings about costs.  

Can I Invoice International Clients In Dubsado?

Absolutely! Dubsado is built for online business owners so it’s a champ with international invoicing. 

Thanks to its versatile setup, you can send invoices in dozens of different currencies. Whether you’re adding currency options to accommodate different client bases or simply choosing to bill in a currency different than your own, Dubsado has your back. 

But there is a catch. 

Setting Dubsado up to handle multiple currencies isn’t the most straightforward process. It requires a little bit more than checking a box. This is why I’m here to guide you through the setup step-by-step! 

How Do I Set Up Dubsado To Invoice With Multiple Currencies For International Clients?

Setting up Dubsado to manage invoices in multiple currencies involves creating additional ‘brands’ within your account. Just follow these steps to get started:

#1. Create A New Brand: Click on your logo at the top right corner of your Dubsado dashboard and select ‘+ Additional Brand’. This new brand starts with a free trial, allowing you to invoice up to three clients. If you need more, upgrading costs an additional $10 USD per month for each brand.

Here’s a quick overview of what it might cost depending on the number of currencies and brands you’re managing.   

Number Of Currencies

Number Of Brands

Dubsado Cost



$40 USD/Month



$50 USD/Month



$60 USD/Month


#2. Configure Your New Brand: Once you’ve added your new brand, your next steps are to customize it with your branding, connect your email and copy your email signature, link the bank account and payment processor in the new currency, add your packages, and select the currency you want to invoice in. 

#3. Transition Templates: Initially, your new brand won’t have any of your templates, forms, or emails from your original setup. You can either request Dubsado copy them over, recreate them yourself, or hire me to copy them for you! Only copy your proposal and contract templates and emails.  

#4. Create A ‘Payment Only’ Workflow: In your new brand, create a workflow containing only your proposal, contract, invoice structure, and any emails or reminders associated with payments. 

#5. Streamline Client Interactions: When clients inquire about working with you, engage with them through your original brand. If the client will pay in the newly chosen currency, then switch to your new brand to send your proposal. After the first payment is processed, switch back to your original brand to continue with the rest of onboarding and project management. Your payment plan will follow its course in the new brand and send all payment reminders for you.  

Since your branding remains consistent across both brands, your clients won’t notice the switch but you’ll be able to bill in the currency that best suits the project and your client’s needs.  

Can You Help Me Invoice International Clients In Multiple Currencies?

While setting up multiple currencies in Dubsado feels simple to me, it’s because knowing the ins and outs of Dubsado is my literal job. For you? It might feel like I handed you a spatula and asked you to whip up an 8-course gourmet tasting menu.

If setting up your Dubsado for international invoices feels overwhelming, a Dubsado Workflow VIP Day is just what you need. During your VIP Day, we’ll review and refine your Inquiry, Booking, and Onboarding workflows so you can book new clients (no matter the currency) with less stress. 

To get started, just book a free Discovery Call below!