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Inside A VIP Week: A Dubsado Strategist’s Walkthrough

Inside A VIP Week: A Dubsado Strategist’s Walkthrough

Ever wondered what exactly happens when you partner with a Dubsado strategist for a VIP Week?

So you’ve thrown the towel in on setting up Dubsado yourself. It’s finally time to outsource it all to a Dubsado strategist who knows the ins and outs of building an elevated client experience. 

By passing off your setup to an expert in a VIP week, you’re:

And best of all? You don’t need to watch 54,723 Youtube videos to do it all!

But what should you expect from a Dubsado setup service? What is accomplished in a Dubsado VIP week? How much homework, communication, and calls are required between you and your strategist? 

Don’t worry, these questions run through every entrepreneur’s brain before they outsource their Dubsado setup. So in this blog post, we’ll walk through every step of the Dubsado VIP Week service to ease your mind and get you excited about what’s to come. 

Finding A Dubsado Strategist

Before you even start prepping for your Dubsado setup, you need to find a reputable Dubsado strategist you trust. When searching for a systems expert, there are a few places you can turn to. 

  1. Google Searches – good ol’ Google will offer you a plethora of Dubsado experts to reach out to. 
  2. Referrals – ask your trusted biz friends if they have any recommendations for a Dubsado strategist. 
  3. Certified Dubsado Specialist Directory – Dubsado itself has a directory full of certified Dubsado strategists (like me!).

Once you’ve found a strategist, review their services, processes, and past client case studies to get a feel of their work. From there, reach out and book a Discovery Call to talk about your business, timeline, and any questions you have. 

If it’s a good fit, you’ll confirm your project with a proposal, contract, and initial deposit before booking your kickoff date!

Get A Big-Picture Look At Your Client Experience

When entrepreneurs partner with me on a VIP Week, the first official step is a client experience questionnaire and coaching call to get a big-picture look at your entire business. 

In your client experience questionnaire, you’ll answer questions about your business, pricing, packages, current systems, and client experience journey. This includes how leads get in touch with you, the steps you take from first contact to project end, your offboarding process, and what’s working (or not working) for your business. 

During our 60-minute call, we’ll examine those steps to identify any bottlenecks and pinpoint opportunities to elevate your client experience. Leveraging my expertise in building Dubsado workflows for designers and copywriters, I’ll offer powerful suggestions to streamline your processes. 

After this call is when I’ll send you an Onboarding Questionnaire for you to provide all the information about your brand including photos, fonts, and color palette.

Refine Your Systems On A Process Mapping Call

About two weeks after your Client Experience Coaching Call, and two weeks before your VIP Week, we’ll have a Process Mapping Session. 

During this 90-minute call, we’ll zone in on the opportunities we identified in your coaching call and start to bring them to reality in your Dubsado workflows. We’ll discuss any triggers and reminders you need in your system, deadlines for clients, and what you want your weekly schedule to look like. 

Your Process Mapping Call provides me with the key information I need to customize a Dubsado system exactly to your needs, your brain, and your business. 

After our call, you’ll need to set aside time for an implementation questionnaire. This is where you’ll submit your current forms and proposals as well as draft content like canned emails. Don’t worry, I’ll help out with your emails!

While I’ll handle the heavy lifting like creating your forms, questionnaires, and proposals, you’ll still need to provide me with the information and content that goes into your Dubsado workflows. 

Trust Your Dubsado Strategist

Next up is where the fun really happens. Your VIP Week begins!

During your week, you’ll need to be available to review content and forms as well as tackle the occasional odd question that comes up. But here’s the good news: once your Dubsado system is in my expert hands, you can breathe easy! I’ve got it covered, and you can trust that everything will be taken care of with utmost care and skill.

Walkthrough Your Dubsado Setup

At the end of the week, I’ll deliver you your brand new Dubsado setup with not one, but two follow-up calls! 

In the first 45-minute call, we’ll go over your Dubsado setup and workflows together to make sure you understand how everything works and feel confident testing out your new systems. Then you’ll have a week or two to play around with your Dubsado, watch your video walkthroughs, try out your workflows, and see how it all feels. 

In our second call, you’re free to ask any follow-up questions or request minor edits to your system. 

Of course, after getting to know you and your business so well, I couldn’t just say goodbye there!

Get Ongoing Support From A Dubsado Strategist

Once your VIP Week wraps up, you won’t be left hanging! You’ll get four weeks of access to me and my Dubsado strategy expertise. Feel free to throw any extra questions about your setup my way during this period. 

Not only that, you’ll also receive a personalized Next Steps Guide. This handy guide will walk you through testing and reviewing your workflows as you implement them into your client projects.

And that’s still not all!

I understand that businesses evolve, and yours might go through changes like introducing a new service or revamping your feedback process. While my video walkthroughs show you how to modify workflows, tweak canned emails, update schedules, and handle all those important tasks to keep your Dubsado system up-to-date, you might not have the time to do it all yourself in the future.

That’s where my exclusive discounts come in! 

As a return client, you can take advantage of these special offers when you want to update your Dubsado system or add new workflows. So, you’re always covered and supported even as your business grows and transforms.

Get started with your VIP Week by booking your Discovery Call today!