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The ROI Of Integrating Dubsado Into Your Copywriting Business 

The ROI Of Integrating Dubsado Into Your Copywriting Business

Find out exactly how Dubsado boosts your revenue

When deciding if integrating Dubsado into your copywriting business is the right investment, there are likely a few questions going through your mind. 

The basic ones are:

  1. How much does Dubsado cost?
  2. How much does setting up Dubsado cost?

But there are some bigger concerns I frequently hear from copywriters when it comes to setting up their systems. Concerns like…

Are the emails and proposals going to sound the way I want them to? After all, communication is what I do!’ 

Yes, yes they will because you’ll have the freedom to add any customization or personalization you want!

Is it worth hiring a Dubsado specialist to set up my Dubsado? With the price and time, I might as well do it myself.’

You could…but will you? Or will Dubsado keep being pushed to the bottom of your to-do list?

Is integrating Dubsado going to make a difference in my monthly or annual revenue?’

Absolutely, and I’ll show you exactly how in this post.

The True Cost Of Integrating Dubsado

Before we look at the time and investment in setting up your Dubsado, let’s review how you’re spending your time currently. 

Reflect on your week and think about how much time you spend:

  • Responding to inquiry emails
  • Setting up discovery, kick-off, and presentation calls
  • Creating custom proposals and invoices
  • Sending emails requesting important project information
  • Sending reminder emails for your calls, proposals, and requests
  • Asking for testimonials
  • Answering questions about the next steps

Say you’re like most of my copywriting clients, and you spend close to 10 hours per week on these administrative and client management tasks. 

That’s 10 hours each week you aren’t generating new leads, booking new clients, launching new products, or enjoying a glass of wine. And when we convert these hours to money in your bank, that’s $1000 a week or $4000 a month you’re missing out on. 

So to try and boost your revenue in other ways, you might hire a virtual assistant to take on these tasks…but that still means paying a fair wage.

You could also decide to create passive income by launching a course, template shop, or becoming an affiliate…but do you even have the time right now to pursue those opportunities?

Instead, you could integrate Dubsado into your copywriting business. 

Sure, there’s the monthly or annual cost of Dubsado itself and the initial investment in setup support to consider. But once your Dubsado is set up, you gain back hours every single week that you can spend generating more revenue for your business. 

Want to see what some copywriters are doing to increase their revenue now that they have all this time back? 

Then keep on reading. 

The numbers breakdown

Before working together, Kira of Handle & Hone said she was ‘so busy working within my business that I never had time to work on my business. I was spending HOURS each week on administrative tasks that were limiting my revenue-generating hours.’

When Kira invested in a Dubsado VIP Week, we automated 86% of her service processes and client experience to save her 391 hours of work per year.

Now, Kira not only has time to spend working on her copywriting business, but she also had the confidence to raise her rates because of her top-notch client experience!

Let’s look at another copywriter who integrated Dubsado into her business. 

Isobel had spent hours experimenting with Dubsado before we worked together because she thought she could set it up herself. Of course, she was so busy completing client work or marketing her business that she could never dedicate the time to setting up her Dubsado. 

But by investing in a VIP Week, we automated 87% of her processes, administrative tasks, and client experience, and saved her 206 hours of work per year! 

With all her free time, Isobel is spending more time surfing, and she launched a course that brought in over $2500 in one month alone. 

Finally, let’s peek at one more copywriter, Kristin. 

During Kristin’s VIP Week, we automated 87% of her typical service step, saving her 381 hours of work per year. 

Imagine if Kristin took all that work on herself and charged a typical rate for a business owner, around $100/hour. That adds up to over $38,000 per year spent strictly on administrative tasks, emails, and forms.

If Kristin didn’t have Dubsado set up, she would likely hire a virtual assistant to help with this work. So, if she paid a VA a fair wage of $25/hour…she’s still spending almost $10,000 per year on tasks that Dubsado can handle. 

By using Dubsado and outsourcing her setup, Kristin saw an ROI of 1424% in one year alone.

Of course, her Dubsado setup will last her much longer than a year!

Amplify your future revenue by integrating Dubsado into your business

As we can see, integrating Dubsado into your business offers two immediate benefits that increase your revenue. 

  1. Time = money, and Dubsado gives you a whole lot of time back, so you can concentrate on booking more clients and completing more projects.
  2. Once your Dubsado is set up, you (or your VA) can work on lead-generating tasks like marketing to bring you more paying clients. 

But the sky-rocketing returns don’t stop there!   

  1. With a streamlined and impressive client experience, you’ll enjoy more return clients and referrals so slow seasons become a distant memory. 
  2. Since your administrative tasks are taken care of, you’ll have time to reinvest in your professional development.
  3. Combine a top-notch client experience with high-quality work, and you’ll soon raise your rates and start calling in higher-paying clients. 

If you’re ready to experience both immediate and long-term revenue growth, then it’s time to integrate Dubsado into your copywriting business. 

All you can either DIY it with the help of my new “Dubsado Setup Course for Copywriters” or you can hire me to do it for you by book a free Discovery Call!